TORE February 2010

TOR East PHRF-LO meeting Feb. 16, 2010 CBYC

In attendance;

Paul Taylor LSYA

David Morton LSYA

Owen Schnieder CBYC

Denis Champagne NCYC

Rob Lenters COYC

Vic Coram HYC

Doug Norton WYC

James Dike FBYC

Called To Order 7:20 pm


1. There’s a P-Flyer 30 MOD Jeff Reid (Sail Georgina) with both asymmetrical and symmetrical spin. That only got a 6 sec/nm penalty. Will be tabled until next meeting when a Sail Georgina Handicapper is Present.


2. “Upstart” a Jeanneau 3200 Sunfast (SA/D approx. 25) was rated 87 including a -6 to protect the fleet. He sailed +11 in 2009, his first year. Should we give him back his 6 sec?
That’s based on only five races and one season - leave it as is.

Proposed Denis Champagne, Seconded Rob Prewer. Passed


3. Ajax 28 MOD (Whitby) had some keel work - he replaced the original keel with one off a Sirius 28. Since he didn’t submit any race records - leave it as is.


4. Rob Prewer’s Vic Carpenter Custom 31 - no data - no change.


5. Turner 45 - FBYC one-off design - no data - no change.


6. Mandatory Alert reviews: Recommendations to central council.

Flying Sails;


Abbott 27 Leave as is.


Ajax 28 inconsistent spinnaker use - ignore the alert.

Leave the B25's as is. No comment on most of the boats - lack of evidence.

C&C’s all models. All marks. Leave unchanged


Capri 22 : recommend minus 6 to central council because they’re 219 now and record shows -10 for 123 races in three different boats. And the US-sail has median 207.

Catalina 30 TM BS recommend no change.

CS 33 should be given +3 sec/nm gift moved by Rob Lenters, seconded by Owen.

FT 10 - leave it as is for now. Data suggests that its rating is OK. Based on observation of two of the three rated boats.

Freedom 25 no change

Express 30 - NFS rating add 6 sec/nm due to overwhelming data (8 boats, 264 races +9), Moved by Rob, Seconded by Denis.

Henderson 30 - give them +3 due to compelling data, Moved by Rob, Seconded by Owen.

Hunter 37 Legend Wing Keel – FS Recommend no Change.


J 109 suggest minus-3 FS and -6 NFS due to 230 races at Calc diff -6 FS and -11 NFS Moved by Rob, Seconded by Denis.

J22 - no change

J-24 minus 9 on the NFS since they’re killing on NFS. Leave the FS rating, Moved by James, Seconded by Vic.

J- 29 OB 7/8 minus 3 due to 158 races at Calc. Diff -14, Moved By Vic, Seconded By Rob.

J-34 leave it.


J-80 leave it.


Kirby 25 leave it.


Laser 28 leave it.


Mega 30 leave it.

Melges 24 minus 3 due to 99 races at Calc. Diff -13, Moved by Vic, Seconded by Owen.

Mirage 24 leave it .


Mirage 25 leave it.


Mirage 27 mkII Leave it.


Niagara 31 Leave it.


Nonsuch 30 Leave it.


Pearson 30 leave it.

Pearson Flyer 30 FS leave it, minus 3 NFS, Moved by Vic, Seconded by Dave.

P- Flyer 30 MOD minus 9 on the NFS, Moved by Rob, Seconded by Dave.

S2 7.9 leave it.


S2 9.1 leave it.


Shark 24 leave it.


Sirius 28 leave it.

Tartan 10 leave it.


Tripp 33 leave it.


Viking 28 no changes.

Viper 640 should be rated as a sport boat.

X 102 leave it.

New Boats


Sandpiper with modifications, Submitted by Rob Prewer. Suggested add +6 for mod rudder, +6 for mod rig and let the rest of the numbers settle as they normally would on the application form. Forms To Follow.

Tripp 26 suggest 108 (which includes the 6 sec new boat safety margin) and +18 for NFS Rating. Paperwork to follow.


adjourned 10 pm

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