TORW April 2021

Toronto West PHRF Lake Ontario District Meeting

TORW held a meeting on April 6th 2021 starting at 7 PM using Zoom.

1) Introduction, name and club represented

Michael Brown – National Yacht Club – Acting Chair
Bev Wiltshire – Lakeshore Yacht Club
Gareth Clemo – Alexanda Yacht Club
Glen Broll – Royal Canadian Yacht Club
John o’Dwyer – Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club
Joe Malon – Mimico Cruising Club
Wayne Parker – Mimico Cruising Club
Graham Dougall – Queen City Yacht Club
Brandon Zagor – Queen City Yacht Club

2) Nomination for TORW District Chair position and vote

Nomination opened. Michael Brown nominated by Graham Dougall, seconded by Wayne Parker
Vote taking, unanimous for Michael Brown

3) New class assignments

3 a) MMC – Finngulf 331 MOD
Suggested to be MOD1 due to the below deck furler changing the J to 11.63’.
Photo included to identify keel, integrated L-Bulb

FS SP = 117 – PTF = 111
Intended FS ASP = 118 (note the supplied asymm does not meet requirements)

3 b) AYC – Lindenberg 26
FS SP = 174 – PTF = 168
Intended FS ASP = 160

3 c) RCYC – Nonsuch 26 MOD
FS SP = 225 ( -3 sec/mile penalty from the standard 26 )
Glen is to supply exact sail measurements to check for additional sail area adjustment.

3 d) Crealock 34 Scheel Keel (Maple leaf fund)
FS SP = 201 ( same as full keel version )
Intended NFS ASP = 229

3 e) ABYC – L30 -SB
FS SP = 54 – PTF = 48
Intended FS ASP = 60

4) Rating reviews

4 a) RCYC – C&C 121
It was decided to sort out two issues pertaining to the declared information on the certificate before considering the rating appeal. From a IRC weighing session the displacement was measured at 17314 pounds whereas the certificate had 14100, a common spec seen on the internet. The second detail is the boat is believed to have a carbon fiber mast which is not shown on the certificate and would normally apply a -6 sec/mile adjustment. Glen Broll and Michael Brown to confirm the configuration and get a revised certificate generated. Further Michael Brown will discuss guidance for rating adjustment based on additional displacement.

4 b) NYC – C&C 37/40+ SM WK/DK
Note at a draft of 5.9' it is not particularly deep, nor is it a shoal draft. The other version ( C&C 37/40+ SM WK ) is only 0.9' less draft so not as extreme as some cruisers.

It was suggested a rating adjustment or +3 sec/mile based on comparing against the tall mast deep keel version. There was no listing for the "cruiser" version so we used the XL numbers.

SM WK/DK   = FS SP 75
TM ( XL ) DK = FS SP 72

We took the advice that the DK should be -3, and WK/DK maybe +3 so a delta of 6 instead of 3. Also the (XL) version eXtra Light and race oriented, the SM WK/DK is 400 pounds heavier displacement according to the class specs.

After some discussion the group suggested a +6 sec/mile adjustment that would make the two versions of the SM the same rating. There was a vote and a rating adjustment of +6 was approved.

5) Other business

Reviewed possible change from Max Girth to Mid Girth on symmetrical spinnakers, recommended getting both measurements on newer sails or when measuring,