RDPHRF November 2014

Rochester district meeting minutes


Nov 8, 2014, RYC conference room

The meeting was called to order at 10 am


Bill Toppings - Brockport Yacht Club

Tim Breen - RYC

Jon Flowerday - PYC

Dale Ewbanks - GYC

Fred Suppon - Oswego YC

Frances Doyle - SBYC

1) the appeal of the rating of the precision 23

Dale Ewbanks presented the owner's appeal of the rating of the Precision 23 on lake Ontario.

This boat was initially rated in this district in 2009. At that time, other district ratings were reviewed and it was believed that the US Sailing numbers were all for nonflying sails. The boat was given a phrf-lo rating of 213 fs and 231 nfs.                                                                              The boat was then sailed in 4 races in pultneyville in 2009 at +4.

A new owner of a precision 23 applied for a certificate at gyc. He was familiar with racing these boats in florida and produced a west florida certificate proving that in that area 231 is the flying sail rating.

Discussion of all aspects of rating a boat were considered and a vote was taken. It was determined that the district had faulty presumptions when first rating the boat in 2009.  5 members voted to change the rating to the average                                                                                  US Sailing number of 228 fs and 246 nfs. Fran Doyle voted no.

Final decision: The Rochester district votes to change the rating of the presicion 23 to 228fs and 246 nfs.

2) extreme yachts

The upcoming central council vote to revise rule10.5 was discussed. All members agreed that the district chief should vote to approve the change. The importance of protection of the fleet was discussed.

3) J 24

The issue of the oversized spinnaker on the j24 was discussed. Last season it was discovered that the one design j24 spin is the mid girth measurement not the max girth. It was decided that unless the race results support a change the sp                                                             should be adjusted to keep the asp the same.

4) J 22

A similar discusion was held re the j24 and the same results were agreed upon.

5) boats up for the return of the protect the fleet 6 seconds

Fran asked to review boats discussed at the last central council meeting. She was unfamiliar with most of the boats from the Rochester district that were up for return of the 6 seconds. No race results were found for these boats, and all agreed that                                                      no changes should be requested.

6) motors and the 12 second adjustment rule.

It was recently mentioned that this rule should be looked at again.

This issue is especially important at yacht clubs such as sbyc where 3 8 meter boats and 3 R boats race. After a discusion on how many ways changing this rule could be abused, it was decided that should the issue be revisted at central council                                                             the rochester district rep should vote no.

7) Bill Toppings asked that we look at the rating of the s2 7.9 at the next meeting.

8) Jon Flowerday asked that we look at the rating of the laser 24 at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at noon.

Minutes submitted by F Doyle.

Documents for this appeal:

Owners appeal

Race results

Letter from Diana about initial assignment

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