RDPRF January 2012

PHRF-LO Rochester District Winter Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2012


In Attendance:

Larry Sill (District Chief),  Steve Corona (GYC), Hank Stuart (RCSC), JR Riggs (SYC), Dan Schuth (OOYC), Rick Sullivan (RYC), Tim Breen (RYC), Earl Chapman (PYC), Dale Ewbank) (GYC), Tom Jayne (PYC), Jon P. Flowerday (PYC), Fred Suppon (OYC) Richard Taylor (OYC)

Meeting Called to Order 9:00 AM

The minutes of the February 19, 2001 meeting were accepted (M/S/P)

An Initial Assignment for the Windrose 22 of 240 was voted on and accepted (M/S/P) Completed paperwork to be sent to the District Chief.

An appeal of the J-22 rating from Oswego was heard and the District voted to agree with the appeal and forward it to Central Council. The decision was based on manufacturer's recommended ratings delta and observed results in the RYC one design fleet where J-22 and J-24 fleets race in proximity to each other and the J-24 in PHRF configuration is regularly faster than the J-22 in one design (100% jib) configuration. It is recommended that the J-22 rating be adjusted so that it receives 3 sec/mile from a J-24 with a 100% jib and gives 3 sec/mile in PHRF configuration. (M/S/P)

The list of district boats with alerts was reviewed with one recommendation. The District believes the Initial Assignment of the Beneteau 1st 235 was in error and that all versions be given +12 sec/mi. (M/S/P)

The District recommends the 6 sec/mi new boat adjustment be removed from the following boats:

Sabre Spirit


Sabre 42


The AGM was reviewed

A meeting for April 21, 2012 at GYC was scheduled for 9:00AM.

The meeting was adjourned.



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