RDPRF November 13, 2016


Nov 13, 2016

Held at GYC


Participants: Steve Corona- GYC,  Dale Ewbank – GYC,  Bill Topping- Brockport YC,  Bill Strobel- FHYC,  Tim Breen – RYC


Meeting was called to order at 10:17 am


Minutes from the summer meeting were accepted.

There was no old business.

The rating of the new 8 meter from SBYC named Aluette was discussed. Fran found this a difficult boat to rate. Using any calculated rating this boat should be slower  than the 8 meter mod 4. However, observation of this boat, sailing with the same crew that sail the mod 4, proves this wrong . Crew members report that she sails higher without losing speed. Also, as a more modern and aluminum boat, one would expect her to sail faster. Therefore, the rating for the mod 4 was used minus 3 seconds. After adjustment for protecting the fleet the rating was set at 78. The work sheet is attached to the email sent to Diana. The rating was approved by all participants.


The rating of the Star was discussed. This summer it was discovered that  through multiple changes in Phrf rules, poor star attendance in fleet racing, and difficulty reporting results (most boats prefer to sail in the spinnaker division despite the lack of a spinnaker)  the rating had mistakenly blossomed to 195 for a star with one design sails. However the national average thru US sailing is 144. At NYC, these boats typically beat- boat for boat – much faster boats such as j 22’s, Kirby 30’s and j 80’s. In 2005, a star from Hamilton raced white sail and raced -88 during 4 races. ( The boat’s rating at that time was 174.) The Portsmouth rating would be about 155 to 160. Results from SBYC this year, where the boat was assigned a rating of 159, were reviewed. The star from sbyc  faired well at this rating. Based on this information, and that the original number assigned by PHRF-LO in 1985 was 159, it was voted in by all participants that the recommendation to the central council should be a rating of 159 ASP.

Associated with the discussion of the star class, it was agreed by all that mixed fleets results should be allowed to be submitted.


This year, GYC had a problem with a boat whose inboard engine did not run. For three years the boat  had a nonworking inboard engine. This year the boat’s rating was adjusted 6 seconds for inadequate power. It is requested that the central council provide further guidance wrt this problem, and perhaps adjust the wording of the handicapper’s manual to reflect a normally operating engine. 


Mainsail adjustments were discussed. Most participants found significant changes. Concerns were raised about measuring errors, differences in measurements and sailmaker certificates, etc. No recommendations could be made except that actual measurement should supersede a sailmaker’s certificate as the sailmaker has other vested interests and previous measurement techniques may have been used on older sails. Continuing to change certificates has caused some lack of faith in Phrf-lo  in the district racing community. It was however noted to be significant that the ERS, as they currently exist, include measuring sail area that , on mains without slugs, is contained within the mast and is not exposed to air flow.

The agenda for the upcoming central council meeting was reviewed for any comments.

 Bill Topping was able to fill us in on the significance of the new rule change – RRS 60.4. No serious concerns were raised by the group. Hopefully, sailing instructions and race organizers will clarify most concerns.

Several suggestions were put forth in order to shorten the alert review list. Doing so would allow for more time to thoroughly discuss all boats on the list. We suggest that boats with 4 question marks be discussed and the boat shall not be reviewed again until 3 yrs has passed.

 Fran noted that central council was considering allowing handicappers to make special requests at the AGM to have a class reviewed. Steve suggested that the districts should be asked to review the class instead. Then if the district agrees, the class can be brought up for review by the central council. All participants agreed with his thinking.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am


Submitted by Frances Doyle, Rochester district representative on 11/16/2016

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