RDPRF February 2017


Feb 21, 2017, 7:30pm by phone conference


Bill Topping BYC, Tim Breen RYC, Steve Corona GYC, Dale Ewbank GYC, Hank Stuart RCSC, Bill Strobel FHYC, Fred Suppon OYC


Frances Doyle SBYC

Meeting was called to order at 7:33pm

There was no old business.

Alert List

Using the criteria set at the November meeting, the following boats were reviewed with the following decisions.

Soverel 30-4 - There was not participation from Pultneyville. Therefore without their input for a boat that has not raced elsewhere, no decisions could be made.

Final recommendation - no change.

Beneteau 1st 35 - Based on discussion on info from both gyc and ryc,

We recommend return of the 6 seconds to protect the fleet.

CS 30-The result of discussion was that this is a well-established and accurate rating.

J 27 - we recommend no change - this boat is well established and frequently raced by highly skilled 1 design racers.

Olson 30 - the same as the above.

Pearson 26. We also believe this rating is accurate and recommend no change.

We again reviewed the hunter 28.5 and scampi. No changes were recommended and the sail size changes seemed to be doing their intended job where the hunter was concerned.

J 30- Last year we recommended no change. However central council decided that - 3 seconds was appropriate. We recommended no further change.

Chaser 29 - as this is the moderator's boat, it was reviewed. No changes were recommended

Possible removal of the 6 seconds for the 15% (and change from 15%) sprit tolerance for non-centerline classes.

No one in our district has experience with these boats.

Other than the Beneteau 1st 35, there were no other boats open for return of the 6 seconds.

2 boats were reviewed for initial assignments.

The Freedom 33-2 tall mast - Data from the assignment given to the shoal draft by CBYC was reviewed as well as the handicappers worksheet.

All agreed to a rating of 153 fs and 162 nfs. The supporting documents are attached.

The Beneteau oceanis 38 - this owner is still waiting for his spinnaker to be made and measurements forwarded. However all other data was reviewed. No other phrf region has rated this boat, but a similar boat on lake erie received a temporary nfs rating of 147 (after appropriate sail credits).  The polar diagram was reviewed as well as the handicappers worksheet and boat diagrams.

All participants agreed to a rating of  90fs and 114 nfs. Supporting documents will be submitted when the owner has the sail makers spinnaker measurements.

A vote was taken for district representative without a change in the results.

There was no other new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. Appreciation was expressed for strong participation and helpful suggestions.

After the meeting a few members stayed to discuss racer participation, proposals to be made at the next CC meeting, a confusing bill, and unintended consequences of online certificates. Concern was raised about losing US clubs due to small numbers of certificate holders.

Submitted by Frances Doyle SBYC

Feb 23, 2017

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