RDPRF February 2019


FEB 16, 2019


ATTENDING: Steve Corona, GYC, Bill Topping, BYC, Dale Ewbank, GYC, Fred Suppon, OYC, Bill Strobel, FHYC, Tim Breen, RYC, Dave Tufts, OOYC

Frances Doyle, SBYC, Moderator

The meeting was called to order at 10:10am

1.) Review of Nov. CC meeting and AGM: dues increase of $5 - the winds on lake Ontario per wind mill data and the new white sail W/L 8 delta with no changes for 2 years - review of what we rate - the race results deadline change - and finally a prolonged discussion on the number of certificates we believe should be the minimum required for a club. The importance of handicappers in reviewing the alert list and the importance of all race results being sent in to phrf-lo. A suggestion of a minimum of 5 certificates was discussed. We also discussed the alternative tot. Steve suggested that the tod was no longer relevant and perhaps the certificates should only have tot. No recommendation suggestions were finalized. Most folks racing still understand their certificate in terms of tod.

2.) The review of the R boat 5 with a rigging change was held over from the November meeting due to time restraints. Today we reviewed the application. Nayada was always good in heavy air but raced poorly in light air. Also the owners felt that there was a definite helm problem and wanted this boat also to have a universal box rule number of 20 ( she was a 19.5) so that she would race the other lake R boats fairly. Results from the 2018 Lyra one design division suggest that the naval architect made the correct calculations. The SP of the boat was changed to 123 with an ASP of 113 using 6 seconds to protect the fleet. The white sail rating was changed to 141 with an ASP of 143.

3.) The alert list was reviewed. There were no suggestions from off the list.

     The following boats were reviewed:

  • c&c 25 ob-1 c&c29 1 and 2
  • catalina 30 tm/bs 123
  • chaser 29
  • cs30
  • j22,80,24,27,29ob7/8,30,35,88cf
  • olson 30
  • pearson 26
  • pearson 30
  • s2 7.9
  • santana wl24
  • soling
  • soverel27

     No changes were recommended but it was felt that if any boat came close to needing a change it would be the         Pearson 30. Bill topping believes there is an undocumented Capri 22 from         his club and he suggests it should be reviewed.

4.) There was no other new business.

5.) Dave Tufts from our new member club- OOYC- was welcomed

6.) Meeting was adjourned at noon Submitted Feb21,2019 by Frances Doyle, District Representative from the Rochester district

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