SSYRA April 2013

SSYRA District Meeting

April 3 2013


Larry Huibers (NOLSC),  Chris Doyle (YYC),  Fred White (Olcott),  Mike Sietz (Wilson, TYC)


Brian Schmidt (DYC)

Meeting called to order and agenda approved at 7:10;

Introductions ;

Chris and Larry are new handicappers for their respective club.  Chris is also VC Fleet and when a new handicapper is identified for YYC Chris will step down.

Election ;

Moved by Fred, seconded by Mike that Larry be the district chief for SSYRA, Approved

Review of past activity;

We discussed how we got to this point in time, as well as any activity we could do to promote sailing on the South Shore.  It was felt that having a fair, open and transparent rating system would make racing attractive and that would be a success for the SSYRA group.

Boat reviews;

Ghost, Morgan 32; we review information presented by Fred.  Boat was assigned as SP of 183 and a NFS of 207.

Solena, Beneteau 31; we reviewed information presented by Fred. Boat was assigned a SP of 189 and a NFS of 207.

Patriot, Beneteau First 305; We reviewed information presented by Mike, Boat was assigned a SP of 165 and a NSP of 183.

New Business;

We had a discussion about in mast furling mains, will follow what is happening at Central Council.

Level Regatta;

This is the last Level regatta in this format, we offered to assist with any needs YYC would have for rating, although John Crawley usually provides excellent service to the regatta.

Next Meeting will be scheduled later this year based on need, results of Central Council and once the local handicappers are finalized (DYC and YYC) should there be a change.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30

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