EYC May 2016

EYC District – Conference Call
Monday May 9, 2016

Bill Visser – District Chief; COBA
Jan Huus – NSC
Dan Machold – CYC
Peter Simmons – BQYC

Start: 2106 hrs.

New Boats:

Bavaria Cruiser 33 (Bill Visser / COBA).
This boat is NOT the Bavaria 32/33 Cruiser already in the PHRF-LO Database.
Sail measurements not yet available. Spreadsheet will be competed when the
details are available.
Moved by Jan Huus / Second Peter Simmons – SP of 156, after PTF applied 150.

Beneteau Oceanis 321 (Jan Huus / NSC)
Moved by Peter Simmons / Second Dan Machold – SP of 143, after PTF applied
137. Carried.

K6 (Jan Huus / NSC)
This is a SPORT boat that was also compared to the Melges 24.
Moved by Dan Machold / Second Peter Simons – SP of 114, after PTF applied
108. Carried.

Other Business

Shark ODR

There is a potential that there will be an ODR issued for the SHARK 24 class. Reminder to all – to qualify for an ODR the boat must be class legal.                                                                                                 No measurements are taken and all class specific rules apply. If someone wants to use ODR but have measurement credits applied, this is not allowed.
More details when this is resolved.

Conference Calls vs. SKYPE – Generally, no-one has an issue with SKYPE, however given the number of participants Bill will poll the District via email.

No other business, meeting adjourned at 2125 hrs.