EYC Nov, 2021

PHRF-LO EYC District – Fall 2021 Meeting
Sunday, November 14, 2021 @ 10 AM - Via ZOOM

1. Welcome and Roll Call
Attending: Kirk Robertson (BRIT); Bill Visser (DC & CBYC); Dale Harron (CFBTYC); Bruno Dufrense (CVGR); Dave Poulin (HHYC); Chris Walmsley (KYC); Hugh Morrin (NSC); Jan Huus (NSC)
Regrets: Devon Bartley (BRIT); Rob Colwell (KYC)
Guest: Owen Schneider (ADC – NON-GTA)

2. Approval of Agenda
    No changes or additions, No objections

3. Approval of previous minutes
    Correct as published, No objections
           Restrict NFS-ASP from being lower that FS-ASP. Section 6.2.6 of Handicappers Manual now reflect this.

           Restriction of non-FS boats being rigged (certificate provided) as FS boat. District to discuss and present case in future CC meeting.

           ODR Boat measurement accuracy. Identified and is an ongoing issue.

4. Selection of EYC District Chief for 2022
          No volunteers stepped forward. Bill Visser will continue.

5. New Boats:
           a. CHRYSTLER 26 SK - Dale Harron, CFBTYC
               This boat was a variant of known boat, so it was assigned SP based on delta in Keel Adjustments, under supervision of ADC (Owen Schneider).
               There were no objections or concerned raised by the group. Assignment approved.
6. Appeals:
           a. None

7. Review requests
           a. J/100 – Dave Poulin, HHYC
              Dave Poulin declared he is an owner of a J/100. Will present case, but refrain from participating in any votes.
              Observed that the J/100 has a number of variants. PHRF-LO has 3 J/100, all different. Very small collection of data, given recent activity restrictions (COVID).
               Action: Dave will check with other J/100 owners to discuss possibility of generating a class appeal. Dave is aware tat more history needs to be collected.

8. Round table – updates from around the District
            a. BRIT: Late start to season. Season was weaker than normal, the One
                         Design fleets maintained relatively well, however PHRF boats declined, probably due to restrictions.
            b. NSC: Slow start but effectively a “Normal Season”. Competitive PHRF fleets maintained their numbers well, however “Casual” PHRF fleets showed a decline.
                        Still, better than last year. LD Race information will be submitted for consideration in P2P project.
            c. CVGR: Normal Season (Quebec had different requirements). PHRF numbers are lower, but they are working on rebuilding the fleet. LD race information will be
                          submitted for consideration in P2P project. They also have a new boat (French design) to he handicapped over winter
                         – Owen indicated he has collection of data from French Sailing and will share as appropriate.
           d. KYC: Slow start to season (July). Weeknight racing series’ resumed when able; weekend events were run as scheduled or rescheduled to later in season as appropriate.
                        Overall participation was down, there is some concern about this. Plans are being made to re-energise the racing program and encourage more participation.
                        They have been experimenting with the P2P ratings by doing double-scoring (Regular handicap and P2P ratings) and will be reporting after review is completed.
                        Finally, there have been discussions with CFBKingston YC about them developing their own racing fleet.
           e. CBYC: Club Executive decided in April to suspect club activities, so  nothing to report.
           f. CFBTYC: Later start to season. They had a lot of sail re-measuring to do, which has been attended to. There was about a 30% drop in participation.
                             There were also difficulty accessing the club, due to the need to provide advance notice to access the base. The season itself went well, once it got started.
           g. HHYC: As they are primarily a weekend club, they had a fairly normal season.
                          There were crew issues, due to restrictions, and as a result there was a higher NFS participation.

9. Information to Handicappers
           a. Reminder to all to get results in for analysis. This includes information from Distance races, as this information would be beneficial for the P2P project.

10. Next Meeting – Tentative – April 23 2022 (approximate date – to be firmed up closer to time).

11. Adjournment
            a. Agenda being exhausted, meeting was declared adjoined.