GHPHRF April 2015

PHRF Golden Horseshoe District

Meeting April 9, 2015 - Minutes

In attendance:

Susan Sproule (GH District Rep)
Morgan Seele (RHYC)
David Platt (BHYC)
Peter McDougall (BHYC)
Garry Cooke (FPYC)
Ken Town (OYS)
Mike Van der Vaart (NYCS)
Glenn Freeman (RHYC)

  1. Jibs under 115% - measure HHW

Discussed the new requirement to measure HHW for all sails less than 115%. Concern was expressed regarding classes of boats that have used large roach headsails to date (i.e. Flying Tiger 10, J 105).                                                                                                                             Since their historical performance is based on these sails, should there be an adjustment when the new penalty is applied?

  1. Mainsail adjustment changes for 2015 and 2016

In 2016, the backstay exemption will disappear. We will also begin to give credit for undersized sails. The new formula for sail area calculations was described. For 2016, penalties will apply over 103%, but this will be                                                                                                    reduced to 100% in the future. Handicappers should be trying to get mainsail measurements for all boats over the next year. All certificate holders who will be assessed a new penalty in 2016 should be advised this year.

  1. Appeal - 2nd Level Review - C&C 38-1

The appeal of the rating for the C&C 38-1 was reviewed at District Level. No decision reached. The appeal will be referred to Central Council. Susan Sproule will respond to the appellant.

  1. Initial Assignments

Viper 830 (RHYC)

Morgan presented his research on this design. An initial FS SP rating of 66 (60 with PTF) was approved. Owner will be getting a square top main. Sail measurements for ASP calculations are not available at this time.

Initial assignments for the Endurance 35 (RHYC) and Humboldt Bay 30 (BHYC) will be conducted on the forum.

  1. Requirement for certificates and minimum number of certificates

Suggestions were solicited on how to address problems with Clubs who assign ratings without purchasing certificates.

GH Clubs want to be able to have distinct classes in regattas (both club and interclub) where a PHRF certificate is not required. These classes may be designated as a “cruising class” or other names. Ratings for these classes are assigned                                                                       by the organizing authority. This is used to introduce new people to racing without having to purchase a certificate. They do not race in the same divisions as PHRF certificate holders.

Organizing authorities at interclub events should be encouraged to check for certificates for all boats in PHRF fleets. The idea of an easy to obtain, temporary “regatta certificate” could be used for boats that want to race in a PHRF fleet.

No problems are foreseen with changing the minimum number of certificates. Club’s that are found to be assigning ratings without purchasing certificates should receive a letter that clearly explains the costs and benefits of PHRF-LO membership.

  1. Other

It was requested that all new versions of the Handicapper’s Manual include a Date (and potentially a Version Number) on the first page.