GHPHRF January 2015

Golden Horseshoe District Meeting

Minutes 28 January 2015

GH District Susan Sproule

BS&BC Jan Varkevisser; 
BHYC David Plattt;
FPYC Garry Cooke
RHYC Morgan Seele

Absent: Sue McIntyre OC; Rupert Crighton OYS; Glenn Freeeman RHYC; Dan Martis, George Thompson BHYC; Mike Vandervaart, Randy St Jacque, Nick Ehlert NSCS

The 2014 Race Analysis and the ALERT list for both CC and District was reviewed and discussed.

  • Many comments and recommendations to be passed on to CC.
  • The only District Review for GH was for the Capri 25. We recommend that this rating stay in sync with the J24 rating. If J24 SP is reduced by 3 in 2015 (as a result of inconsistencies discovered in OD spinnaker measurement), we recommend that                                                    the Capri 25 be adjusted as well. Otherwise, leave it the same.

Discussed central council projects.

  • Single digit adjustments will be applied for the 2015 certificates. This will result in many (small) changes in handicaps, so it will be important to communicate to certificate holders at the club level
  • The extreme yacht definition has been revised
  • Mainsail measurement is coming. CC plan to have all of the details available in 2015 for implementation in 2016.

RHYC has two initial assignments this year (Endeavour 35 and Viper 830). Morgan will have recommendations for the next meeting. If available, details will be posted on the Forum in advance.

.Handicappers were advised of the Handicappers Workshop coming up on March 29 in Whitby. Morgan and Sue both thought that the format and content last year was excellent. One recommendation is to have two different breakout sessions with the workbooks                                      – one for new handicappers to go through the ASP sheet, the other for more experienced handicappers to go through an initial assignment exercise using the other sheets.