GHPHRF May 2018

PHRF-LO - Golden Horseshoe District Meeting

May 30, 2018


In Attendance: Susan Sproule (BHYC and District Handicapper), David Platt (BHYC), Jan Varkevisser (BSBC), Al Molloy (RHYC)

  1. Shaula Appeal

Shaula is a C&C 30 SD. There are 3 other certificates for this class in the PHRF-LO database. The appeal submission was read and discussed. The sails on this boat are all over 100 months old. It is sailing with a fixed prop and undersized main. All present agreed that the boat is not sufficiently well-prepared for racing to justify a change in rating. An email vote was also received from Michael Judd (OYS) on this item.

Moved that the appeal be denied

In favour – David Platt (BHYC), Al Molloy (RHYC), Michael Judd (OYS-by email).

Abstained – Jan Varkevisser (BSBC)

The appeal is denied at the District Level. Susan will prepare the paperwork and submit it to PHRF-LO.

  1. Dehler 38-2 Initial Assignment

This boat is at RHYC. There are US ratings from YRALIS (75) and PHRF-NE (72). A preliminary workbook was prepared at the meeting. Clarification is needed on the spinnaker hoist and the fixed bowsprit length. When completed, an initial assignment recommendation will be put on the Golden Horseshoe District Forum for discussion and approval.

  1. Governor’s Cup 21 Initial Assignment

This boat is at BHYC. This initial assignment was posted on the forum last summer, but was never approved. Since there were not 3 clubs other than the boat’s host club represented at this meeting, it will be reposted to the Forum for approval.

  1. Election of District Handicapper

Susan will continue in this role, but will need volunteers to attend future Central Council meetings held during the winter months.