November 2015

Executive Meeting

Saturday, November 21st, 2015


Attendees: Mike Campbell –  Pres, Bill Topping – V. Pres, Andrew Sensicle – Sec/Tres, Brian Thomson – Chief Handicapper, Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief, Diana Riley – Exec Asst, Brian Chapman – TAC.


1) The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am

2) Motion to accept minutes of November 22, 2014 with the following correction:
Andrew noted that the minutes included a notation that the Prop project was outstanding. M/S: Brian T/Adam F. Carried.

3) Executive Slate Review for 2016
All Executive are willing to stand for another year. Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres) voiced that he would like to retire but will continue, if necessary, for 2016.
Notice will be sent out looking for volunteers who may be interested in becoming part of the Executive, via email and social media.
Positions are filled via elections at the Annual Meeting.

4) Training and Education Seminars – Bill Topping

a) AGM (Jan 9) – Quick overview of upcoming handicapping changes.

b) Spring Training (April 2) – discussion included:

  • It was felt that the afternoon session was too short to include everything and that a full day seminar would be more suitable. Suggested time from 10:00 to 4:00 or 4:30 (lunch included)
  • It was agreed that the seminar needs to move around the lake to ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn.
  • Possibly have the LYRA hosting club also host the seminar.
  • It was agreed that the designated “Last Saturday of March or alternate” would be best for the training seminar


  • Set the Training seminar on a 3 year cycle within the following geographical areas:
    2015 was at Whitby YC.
    In 2016, Youngstown Yacht Club will be asked to host.
  3. EAST (EYC & ROCH)
    In 2017. We will be looking for a club on the East end of the Lake. Possibly Kingston or Rochester.
  • Ask that the Central Council meeting be moved to the Sunday with a budget for accommodations. Alternately, they could hold it another day.

Suggested inclusions:

- Quick overview of all class handicap changes and reasons.
- Race Scoring – Quick score & Sailwave
- SP vs ASP
- Results analysis and interpretation by Central Council
- Handicappers Manual items
- Sail Measuring (for end of day)
- Speakers such as sail makers, naval architects, boat builders etc.

5) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Andrew Sensicle

a)      2015 Financial Review

  • Finances are doing fine, with most expenses being less than projected.
  • There is a concern regarding the need to charge HST. Diana will research this and will report findings to the Executive to be addressed later.
  • Discussion around reducing the US Fee will be conducted once Diana has looked into the HST issue.

Motion to approve the financial review as presented. M/S Andrew/Adam. Carried

b)      Promotion of events using our handicapping system - Mike Campbell

  • Mike will look into adding our logo to an event cap.
  • Come up with a slogan like “You meet the nicest people sailing PHRF”
  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Create a brochure to give out at the Boat Show. Give it to booth attendees to distribute.

c)      Admin Remuneration – as requested, no increase is needed.

d)      Project review – all projects were approved for 2016, these include:

  • Web site migration – still needed
  • Membership – possible changes to bylaws etc
  • Sail Area – some minor changes may still be necessary
  • Keel project – new source for project needed
  • Race analysis – improvements in reports and race inclusions will be implemented for the 2016 analysis.

e)      2016 Budget Proposal

  • Additions:  Promotion line will be increased to $1500
  • Travel & Accommodations will be $2500

Motion to approve the budget with the additions.
M/S. Andrew/Brian T. Carried

6) New Business

a) Overview of Proposal for Minimum number of Certificates:
(See attached document)

  • 2016: include a handicapper “Agreement of use policy” in the handbook and for on-line registration.
  • 2016: reduce or eliminate the Non-member certificate surcharge (currently $35)
  • 2017: Members must have a minimum number of certificates to be a PHRF-LO member with voting rights and handicapper’s web access.
  • 2017: Create an On-line certificate for use by non-members & handicappers. Will be “Watermarked” and “Look” different from regular certificate.

Motion to present this to the members at the AGM. M/S. Brian T/Mike. Carried.

b) Clubs using our system without applying for a certificate. CQYC, QYC, St. Croix (Minnesota). See a)

c) On-line certificates (Event Certificate). See a)

d) Minimum number of certificates. See a)

e) LYRA PHRF Championship - Update - Bill Topping & Brian Chapman

  • Missing trophy – the NFS trophy has not been located.

It was generally agreed that the hosting club for this year’s LYRA event needed assistance to ensure expectations were met.

f) Web site advertising
Mike suggested that we could look into another revenue stream by offering web site advertising. However, given the issue outlined above with regards to the HST, we will need to revisit this in the future.

g) APSC - email regarding issuance of incomplete certs
Motion to approve the request “One time only”.
M/S. Mike/Brian T. Carried.

h) Sending our race results to Dick White - for his Performance Handicapping
A request to obtain large club results from PHRF-LO was denied by the Executive. It is suggested that this information is available on-line from many sites.

7) Adjournment: 11:35 am

Next Meeting: November 19, 2016, 9:00 am

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