November 2014

Executive Meeting

Port Credit Yacht Club
Saturday, November 22nd, 2014



Larry Beneway (Pres), Mike Campbell (V.Pres), Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief)  Diana Riley (Exec Asst), Joanne Seeds (Admin Asst)

Guests: Brian Chapman (TAC)

1) Call to order by Larry Beneway 9:10 a.m.
Acceptance of minutes November 16, 2013

Motion to accept Mike Campbell, Seconded by Brian Thomson, Carried – no opposed

Acceptance of Conference Call - December 15, 2013

Motion to accept Mike Campbell, Seconded by Brian Thomson Carried – no opposed

3) Executive Slate Review for 2014

Larry Beneway – resignation

Mike Campbell has agreed to run for President

There is no VP at the present

Action: Diana to send e-mail to all handicappers

4) Training and Education Seminars – Mike Campbell

a) AGM (Jan 10) –last year there was short presentation was done by Adam Farkas- Suggested topics for this year - discussion on main sail rules, defining what they are (1/2 hour briefing session). Also to inform handicappers of the changes made during the year.  Must be brief.

Request CC to define the mail sail rules

b) Spring Training (March 28, 2014) – Need volunteer club –


  • Find a VP, Mike Campbell will assist new VP to learn the ropes and help him/her learn what Phrf is.
  • Suggested to do more hands on training, ie actual measurement of the sails.
  • Adam will ask National YC about hosting the Spring Training
  • As a second, Diana will approach Andrew about having it at WhitbyYC
  • Before training session need to prepare circular for Sail Measurements.

5) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Andrew Sensicle

a)      2014 Financial Review

Diana presenting for Andrew - $5000 capital improvement fund to be deposited into a separate account rather than a GIC, decision was made in order to draw on the funds if they are needed. No budget changes, most items came in lower.  Travel expenses over due to carryover from prior year.

Mike Campbell questioned having a promotion budget for some of the races to give out a cap.  It was also suggested that something from the sailmakers could also be given away as a way of promoting PHRF. $1000 suggested.

Motion to add $1000 to budget for Promotion by Mike Campbell

Seconded by Brian Thomson

Carried – no opposed

Mike to draw up a plan –future conference call to be set up

b)      Promotion of events using our handicapping system - Mike Campbell

Mike discussed the reluctance of doing an e-mail blast and why, reason was to not overdo it in sending blasts out and overwhelm members and certificate holders. Need to find a way to promote PHRF in general.

c)      Admin & Executive Assistant Remuneration

Admin assistant to receive $2 per hour more (incl HST).

d)      Project review

Sail area project went over by 20 hours, other projects stayed in line.

Sail increment and benchmark boats on agenda to be implemented for 2015.

Keels and props, waiting on U.S. Sailing.

e)      2015 Budget Proposal

Motion by Adam Farcas to accept the budget proposal

Seconded by Brian Thomson

Carried – no opposed

6) New Business

a) Email blasts to certificate holders - Diana Riley

It was explained that we are reluctant to send out multiple email blasts as we have no way to allow people to “Unsubscribe”.

Mike will look into Social Media to promote PHRF, ie Facebook, Twitter etc.

b) Clubs using our system without applying for a certificate. NBYC, CQYC, QYC, St. Croix (Minnesota).

Diana suggested to send notice to clubs that we will be welcome to help them if they want to join.

Suggestion by Mike to have a terms of use for the Website and PHRF information to ensure that everyone agrees to use the information for PHRF membership only.  Clarifies that information available on the site is copyright information.

Also suggested to have a multi-level membership price.

Suggested to be taken to the AGM in order to tighten up the use of the website.

Discussion to continue later - Deferred

c) LYRA PHRF Championship - Update - Mike Campbell & Brian Chapman

Participation was up by around 18 boats, which is a start. Promotion is the big issue and should be reviewed.

Larry Beneway thanked everyone for their work

7)      Next Meeting: Tentatively Scheduled November 21, 2015, 9:00 am

8)      Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 12:05

Motion to Adjourn Mike Campbell

Seconded by Brian Thomson

Carried – no opposed

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