November 2018

Executive Council

November 18th, 2018

Port Credit Yacht Club


Present: Mike Campbell ( Pres.); Bill Topping (V. Pres); Alison Jones (Act. Sec/Treas); Brian Thompson (Chief Handicapper); Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief); Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief); Diana Riley (Exec. Asst.); Sheena Tait (Admin. Asst.)

1. 9:03 Call to order

2. Acceptance of minutes November 19, 2017; Motion to Accept M/S Alison, Bill Topping. Carried

3. Executive Slate Review for 2019

Mike Campbell has indicated that he would like to have a successor for his position as President.

Bill Topping stated he is willing to step in as Acting President until position is filled, if required.
Mike Campbell has offered to stay on in the position, for one more year, if no one is found for the 2019 season by the AGM. 

The rest of the Current Executive, are all willing to continue in their positions.

4. Training and Education Seminars

a) AGM –

-Informing Handicappers the need for them to pass the information they are being sent, by the Admin office, on to their Members. Such as, placing it in their Club Newsletters.
- Emphasize the importance of Spring Training Attendance, for both Handicappers and Members

b) Spring Training- Handicappers Workshop

March 30, 2019 2019 - WEST (GHPRF & SSYRA)
Dalhousie YC - volunteered at the AGM (to be confirmed)

Good feedback response from members attending Spring Training events, especially the Race management section

Adam mentioned, Rules/ Rule changes that are implemented, are not being fully understood by many handicappers and/or Club members.
The information passed on to handicappers is not getting out to the members themselves.

Alison mentioned, should focus on the Race Analysis portion

Include Race Analysis Explanation in detail

What the numbers mean

- Diana to give a ½ - 1hr session on understanding the Race Analysis.
This will be a good lead into what Central Council does with these numbers, and how they apply them.

Why the numbers change
- Central Council a 1hr spot explaining How/Why Ratings Change

- Emphasis on requiring PHRF Certs for ALL races/regattas and how to push for requiring Certificates for All. Include Clause in Notice of Race about PHRF Certificates being required to Register/Race

-Issues of non-Certificate Holders racing seems to be more at the Big Special events

5. Financial Review and Budget proposal

a) 2018 Financial Review
-Will be very close to the budget that was set for 2018.

-Amendment noted by Alison, that all of the Promotional Budget will be used towards the Chapman Awards being created.  $2000 to be added to the monies spent.    
Accepted Unanimously

- Post Meeting: decision to increase Certificate price to $35.40 (increase of $4.43).

 b) Promotion of events using our Handicapping system:

- PHRF-LO Chapman LYRA Award?
Awards were not presented at LYRA, scoring was not done also. PHRF-LO is not technically involved in this award, but has promoted it.

- PHRF-LO Chapman Season Champion & PHRF-LO Chapman New Racer Award

-A main Trophy for each award, engraved name plaques.  Smaller ‘Keeper’ Trophies for the Winners

- Main Trophies to given to the Club for the winning member, to be displayed

-Awards to be presented at the AGM

-Invitations to be emailed to each Winner, inviting them to the AGM for the presentation of Awards.  If the Winner is unable to attend, the Club Handicapper shall accept the Award on the winner’s behalf.

-Clubs are responsible for returning Trophy at end of season in time for the following year’s winner to receive the Award.

-Promotional budget to be used towards these awards.

-It was also suggested to possibly solicit Sailmakers for donations towards some type of award, such as a Gift Certificate. 

Alison motioned for the Awards to consist of 2 Main Trophies, with keepers for Winners and ‘Mini’ Keepers for 1st Place winners in each District.   Along with 2nd & 3rd place mini keepers, awarded only to the New Racers in each District.    Carried.

c) Project review

On-line certificates - Project update - Diana Riley

-Online Certificates are Active!
However just the basic changes/updates are currently available

-Email will be sent out with a detailed explanation on how to use the Online Certificate format.

- Tweaks to the program are still ongoing

- Online Certificates can only be accessed by Handicappers for making changes at this time. Once program is glitch free, it will set up to “Create new Certificates” by Handicappers and then by everyone, along with payment requirements.

Chapman Championship

– To become a yearly project, evoking the love and passion that sailing brings

6. Member Review

a) NEW – Cooks Bay Yacht Club
b) REINSTATE –  Request from Oak Orchard
c) DROP – Sail Georgina Assoc. , no longer a PHRF-LO Member
d) Compliance Review

- Track 2018 involvement of Clubs with low Certificate requests and review again in 2019

7. New Business

a) Access to handicappers worksheet
      - Access will be continued until the On-line Certificate “Add a certificate” is completed.

b) Bylaw Membership Review

               Bylaws 7.3/7.3.1/7.3.2 Changes

 -Provisional Membership, will no longer have access to the Handicapper Worksheet.
- Handicappers Section of web site will be restricted to Full Members of PHRF-LO
- Provision Membership applies until they have issued a min. 10 Certificates
- Must submit 1yrs Race Results for Approval into Full membership
- District shall need to approve their membership

Jamie Motioned to accept this change to the bylaw.   Brian 2nd.  Carried

c) TAC members:
Brian motioned to accept Sailmakers Kevin Piper & Geoff Moore as part of the TAC and introduce them at the AGM. Carried

8. Next meeting 2019, possible date change due to schedule conflict with LYRA .
                Jamie motioned it stays where it is.   Brian 2nd.  Carried
                Next meeting: November 16, 2019        

9. Meeting Adjourned 10:53am