Hello Racers and Event organizers!

We have a Racing Calendar for all Regattas and Events you have planned for the season!

Get your crew together to plan your summer events line-up.

For those who attended the Spring Training....Yes, it is available!

Due to delay in launching the Certificate Worksheet, we are publishing one last version.


We have been getting rave reviews of the 2023 Spring Training Workshop

Your Central Council wanted to give you a tool for recording sail sizes.

This can be used to determine the "Largest Sail In Inventory" to be applied to your member Certificates.It can also be used to determine "Illegal Sails" or when a Symmetrical Sail is actually an Asymmetrical Sail and vice versa.

The On-line Certificate (OLC) system, in particular, the My Certificates function is now available for you to renew and change your certificates.

We have been working diligently on a new "feature" within our OLC System - The Certificate Worksheet. Available Soon!!

PHRF-LO sends out regular newsletters to Club Handicappers, and occasionally, to Certificate holders.

You have been included in a group mailing to Certificate holders.

Yes, there is a late update to the Handicappers Manual Part II - Class Rules and it has to do with some refinement to the Definitions.

How to renew your certificate, update new sails, get your handicap reviewed etc etc.

This is the article for you!

Point to Point handicap offset, has been calculated and numbers generated.

For 2023, your Central Council was not able to include these on our Certificate, however, the offset can now be calculated using the tools below or using our P2P-TCF calculator

UPDATED: April 7, 2023

Handicappers !

Have you considered running some of our videos on your Sail Measuring day?

You might run 2-3 of the videos in conjunction with sail measuring.

What classes are being reviewed and why?

The big question every year is: Why did this class get a handicap change.

There are 3 possible reasons:

At the November 20, 2021, Central Council reviewed the use of bloopers and approved a ban on their use for regular racing.

Minutes to the AGM, Executive & Central Council meetings held in November, January & February are now available.

It is up to you to be informed and up to date on changes that have been made that may affect your Certificate and fees.

Please submit events that your club would like to include in the 2023 Chapman Season Championship.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2022 PHRF-LO Chapman Season Championship & New Racer Awards!

View our Winners here!

A proposal to allow internal auditing of the PHRF-LO finances is being proposed to be included in our Bylaws:

PHRF-LO sailors!

Here are the current standings in the PHRF-LO Chapman 2022 Season Championship.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

A PHRF-LO Certificate holder award!

Since 2018 PHRF-LO has been awarding racers for participation in events around the Lake and surrounding waters.

These events are listed on our Championship Events Calendar and are scored according to the rules listed in this article.

 A collection of pdf copies of the PHRF-LO Newsletter from 2003 to present.

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