Loosely based on the “Arbitrary Fleet” of the West Coast of the 1940's, PHRF emerged in the early 1980's as an empirically based handicapping system to give sailors easier access to a handicap than afforded by measurement rules.

In December 1979, 12 yacht clubs along the south shore of Lake Ontario gathered to discuss area wide PHRF ratings to facilitate their inter-club racing.Thus laying the foundations of PHRF Lake Ontario.

A list of PHRF-LO Executives and years of service.

Operated as a not for profit organization servicing the sport of sailing on Lake Ontario and surrounding waters, the organization is headed by a group of Executive and Central Council members who are responsible for the running of the organization including, financial expenses and handicaps.

Links to historical documents & records from the inception of PHRF-LO.

Minutes from  the
Annual General Meeting

January 20, 2024

10:00 AM

In person & Concurrent Zoom meeting

PHRF-LO Eastern District
Minutes - Fall meeting
Nov 4 2023 – Kingston Yacht Club and ZOOM


Sept 20, 2023

Executive Meeting

Zoom Video Conference & RHYC meeting

Executive Meeting

 November 25, 2023

Central Council meeting

Nov 18, 2023


CC Attendees: Adam Farkas (Asst Chief) - Chair, Owen Schneider (Asst Chief), Bill Visser (EYC Chief), Sue Sproule (GHPHRF Chief), Fran Doyle (RDPHRF Chief), Mike Brown (TORW Chief),

TAC: John Crawley

Admin: Diana Riley (Exec Asst)

Central Council

Special Meeting – Review - ‘Redwing 30’

Zoom – June 29th @ 7pm

Thank you for your interest in joining Performance Handicap Racing Fleet - Lake Ontario (PHRF-LO).

We are always willing to accept new clubs to our organization and look forward to having you join in the future.

As a Member Club of PHRF-LO your annual Membership Invoice is sent out in February.

Members are billed annually based on the number of certificates issued the previous season.

Many clubs are very confused about how the fee for their certificates is applied and why.

Report to Central Council in 2000

NFS Ratings vs Standard SP Ratings.

A document presented to the Central Council of Handicappers

One of two projects that have been on the spotlight by Central Council is the Keels adjustments.

Adam Farkas (Assistant Chief Handicapper), in conjunction with, Garry Cooke (Technical Advisory Committee) took a deep look into the differing types of keels and the affect on speed potential.

A PDF of the “initial” study. 

By Owen Schneider, TORE District Chief

In anticipation of allowing these sails for Point to Point racing, review has begun and talks within the Technical advisory committee have resulted in a few possible items of concern.

In an effort to address a request by members, a considerable amount of time has been spent on looking at and considering various options for establishing a Point to Point (PtoP) handicap for PHRF-LO certificate holders. This included looking at what other regions were doing, ORC handicaps and VPP’s.

Revised NFS Delta for 2020 will use the Jim Teeters Windward Leeward 8 Co-effecients.