2018 Annual General Meeting


January 13, 2018

Toronto Boat Show, Exhibition Place


Attending: Mike Campbell (Pres.), Bill Topping(V.Pres), Alison Jones(Sec/Tres), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief-Non GTA), Jamie Dike(Asst. Chief – GTA), Diana Riley(Exec. Assist), Sheena Tait (Admin. Assist) and 26 handicappers, 1 Member Rep & 3 guest.


  1. Call to Order 10am
  2. Acceptance of Minutes from Jan. 2017 AGM
  3. Reports

3.1 Reports from Executive:

Mike Campbell – President

Welcomed everyone. Expressed his understanding towards the Clubs and Members that were unable to participate or salvage much of this past season, due to the weather conditions (flooding) that were faced heading into the 2017 Racing Season. As well as his appreciation to those that were able to carry on and get boats into the water and managing to salvage some of the season, with a couple that did manage a whole race season. Given that many race days racing conditions were not good.

Bill Topping – Vice President

Reminder of the Spring Training Seminar happening March 24th , Barrie Yacht Club

Suggesting that not only should Handicappers be attending, but that it is also open for members (Owners) themselves to attend. As most handicappers first started out as members.

He also stated that he is hoping to put together an informative document, containing a slide-show and/or video, helping to explain and show processes such as Sail measuring and how to do it correctly. This is still in the raw stage, but hopes to eventually have it available for Clubs to use.

Alison Jones – Secretary/Treasurer

Mentioned with the bad 2017 Race Season conditions, the number of Certificates Issued was down about 100 Certs. We will be looking into way to increase the number of certificates over the next couple of months.

Jamie Dike – Asst. Chief GTA

Noticed that many clubs race results will be skewed due to no racing, heavy air and overall bad racing conditions.

Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief Non-GTA

Reviewed the 2018 Mainsail changes that everyone should be aware of. This can all be found on the new web site. He will be looking into new configurations that came up during 2017, in particular, the use of both a Spinnaker Pole and Bowsprit. He will also be furthering his presentation to Central Council on the Time on Time formula and High Performance boats.

3.2 Reports from the District Chiefs:

Bill Visser – Eastern

Some Clubs did not race in the East

High waters at start of season, didn’t allow for boats to get in the water

When waters finally receded, it was too late in the season.

Sue Sproule – Golden Horseshoe

No Initial Assignments

Do have a couple of boats for review

Have an ODR for Shark and rating is now available

Managed lots of racing and met all events, in spite of the weather this season.

Frances Doyle – Rochester

They had 2 new classes that were Rated

Managed to get their events done this season, thanks to help from other Clubs

I. Smyth (rep) – South Shore

Weather issues gave them a Late start to the racing season

Season was basically cut in ½

Niagara was unable to get boats into the water due to the high levels

Owen Schneider – Toronto East

All their boats got out in the Spring, managed a Full race slate

Had to deal with the Crazy weather on the lake on race days

Participation was good among their members

No New Boats

2 Handicappers per Member Club currently

Had a couple Clubs close

Alison (for John Crawley) – Toronto West

10 New Boats

4 Modified with Initial Assignments


4.1 2017 Financial Review – Alison Jones

Stated that, because of the poor conditions at the start of the season, causing many boats to get into the water later than usual, and for a few , not getting into the water at all for the 2017 Racing Season. The Eastern members seemed to be hit hardest.

PHRF-LO down approx. 100 Certificates, that weren’t issued this season. Resulting in unaccounted income loss. There will be an Offer extended from PHRF-LO to help those Clubs effected, to help them meet criteria. PHRF-LO isn’t in the business to make money, but need to be making enough to cover the expenses to run the Organization.

Noted that racing numbers overall, everywhere seem to be down in numbers. Trying to implement ideas that will help to encourage others to participate in PHRF-LO. Implement more at Club level, that in order to participate in racing, owners should have a Valid PHRF Cert. Try to show why using a Handicap system is a good thing. Also suggested that Clubs could try to offer up more races, or less high profile series. Make it more fun, and appealing to those less experienced. Ideas such as offering up an adjusted Handicap rating with extra credits, to begin with, that will come off as they race and place.

Advertising and Promotion, new idea of a Regatta Award, which will be discussed later in the meeting.

4.2 2018 Budget Proposal & Membership fee Review

Also re-iterated that the Online Certificate will not be available for the 2018 Season, but will be for the 2019, and hopes to see an influx of Certs being purchased.
The 2018 Racing season will see the HST tax Implement by PHRF-LO.

Alison Motioned to accept the 2017 Financial Review and 2018 Budget.

2nd Graham, from Queen City YC - Motion Passed

4.3 Member Review & Acceptance – Mike Campbell

Review – Lake Simcoe Yachting Racing Association were the ones that went around and applied for the Certificates for the various people around the lake. The Executive felt that we wanted to have Yacht Clubs as Members of PHRF-LO, rather than a virtual Racing Association. We (PHRF) are wanting to have a closer relationship with the Club, rather than an Association. Therefore we will be revoking the Membership of LSYA. But in doing so, we have Barrie Yacht Club joining us as a Member for the 2018. 

We have also been talking to Hawkstone YC, Cooksbay YC, Kempenfelt Bay YC, Sail Georgina. We are trying to have the Yacht Clubs on Lake Simcoe be Members.

Mike Motioned for PHRF to accept Barrie Yacht Club as a New Member for 2018.

2nd Rob Hideman, Aquatic Park. – Motion Passed

5. New Business

5.1 Handicapping Changes for 2017 – Adam Farkas

Changes were made to the Mainsail Adjustment Tables in order to get more accurate ratings. These are available on the website for viewing.

5.2 Handicapping Changes for 2018 – Adam Farkas

Mainsail MGT measurements ARE required, as the new formula accounts for this measurement.

The MGT measurement technique will be included in the Spring Training Course. Handicappers should also make Owners aware of this change

Mainsails that are NOT Measured, will be given a 3 Second Penalty

Handicap Reviews will be continued with an emphasis on looking at different Time on Time formula (like US Sailing), different handicap systems (like IRC), as well as, statistical data.

Diana Noted: Members or Clubs have the ability to Nominate/ Ask for a Review of any Boat, that is not on the Alert Review list, that they may feel/believe that has been incorrectly assessed.

Questions from the floor:

  1. Would Lake Ontario consider Cruising Credits like other regions?
  2. Clubs are permitted to make internal adjustments to promote racing at the local level.


  1. Could Central Council prepare  a document outlining suggested adjustments for use at the club level.
  2. We will look into that.


5.3 Spring Training Seminars – Bill Topping

2018 – March 24 - Barrie Yacht Club Hosting

2019 – March 30 - Dalhousie YC offered to Host

These Training seminars are Important. Handicappers Benefit from attending, and should be attending, as well as the average Sailor. Clubs should make sure that their Members know they are more than Welcome to attend these events. Get the people out, even non PHRF , to show them how it all works, why and how ratings are given and adjustments are done to ratings. In the past about 50% of the participation at the Seminars are in fact Certificate Owners themselves.

Bill mentioned that he is working on creating a very detailed and informative package, consisting of video and/or a Power Point, of the information these seminars go over, on how and where to measure sails

2020 - Looking for host club in the Eastern or Rochester District.

5.4 Promotional Initiative – Mike Campbell

The promotional reimbursement idea of the PHRF logo, that was tried last season will not be available this season. PHRF-LO has decided to discontinue this idea, as it did not generate much interest.

For the 2018 Season we will be introducing a “Regatta Master Award”.

This is open to ALL racers. It will go by Overall Points. The Executive will determine the Qualifying Regattas for this Award. Clubs must submit races they feel meet the required criteria to be considered. Announcement of the Qualifying Events will be voiced at the Spring Training Seminar.

5.5 On-Line Certificate – Mike Campbell & Diana Riley

2018 - A handicapper version will be available.

It will allow Handicappers to make their own changes to Certificates right away, make New Certificates and not have to wait. Speeding up changes. It will also allow Handicappers to see how a rating may change by making adjustments, before committing to the adjustment itself.

Will ensure that the most current updated is being used by everyone.

2019 - A global version will be available

This will be available to the general public with payment options. 

Regatta attendees will be able to apply & pay for certificates on the fly.

This could also be used by small clubs  or out of region clubs, to get their own certificates.

5.6 Racers without Certificates – Alison Jones

Motion to modify the Handicappers Manual Part 1, Section 9.5, to read as

Race Data will include all boats admitted by a Club or Organization whether or not they hold a valid PHRF-LO Certificate. “Any boat included in the published race analysisowner that races a boat more than 5 races in a season will be issued a PHRF-LO certificate number or have his/her certificate renewed. The club handicapper will be notified when the races are analyzed and it will be added to the club roster and billed (at the current certificate rate) to the club the following spring. “

Robert Hickman asked for an Amendment to the change include the actual number of races, which is 3 or more.

2nd Motion by Alison that the change read –“Any owner that races a boat more than 2 races in a season”

Mr. Wolfe 2nd, - Motion Carried

6. Nominations/Election of Officers

All holding current positions have agreed to continue.

Graham- Motion to accept Current Executive stays.

Robert 2nd, - Motion Carried


7. Next Meeting: First Saturday of Boat Show – Jan 12, 2019 @ 10am

Toronto International Boat Show (Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto)


8. Meeting Adjourned