2019 Annual General Meeting

Minutes - Annual General Meeting

January 19th, 2019

Toronto International Boat Show, Enercare Centre

Present: Mike Campbell –President; Bill Topping – Vice President;  Brian Thomson - Chief Handicapper ; Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief Non-GTA; Jamie Dike – Asst. Chief GTA; Alison Jones–Sec/Treas; Sheena Tait – Admin. Asst.

24 Handicappers representing 19 members and 10 Guests.

10:00AM – PHRF-LO Chapman Awards Presented 

  1. 10:30am – AGM Meeting Called To Order
  2. Minutes from Jan. 2018 AGM accepted,
  3. Reports

3.1 Reports from Executive Council

Mike Campbell – President

Prior to Awards presentation, welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming, especially those coming from a good distance, who were braving the winter storm currently taking place.  Thanked Alison Jones for the idea and implementation of the Chapman Awards.  As a great way to Honour Brian Chapman’s love and commitment to sailing, along with efforts put forth by the sailors.

Bill Topping - Vice President

Spoke in regards to the how well the Spring Training Seminars are being received. Noting there is always lots of positive feedback.  Asked that everyone continue to let us know their opinions, be it positive about what was liked, or negative about what wasn’t liked or how something could be done differently/explained more.   Encouraged Membership to offer suggestions of what they would like to see included.  Encouraged everyone in attendance to come and to also invite others at their Clubs, to participate.

Alison Jones – nothing new to comment

Brian Thompson – Chief Handicapper

Mentioned that it was a big loss to PHRF-LO  with the passing of Brian Chapman this past year.   New Tech committee, having Jeff Moor of North Sails & Kevin Piper of Bay Sails, come on board to add input.

Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief Non-GTA

Still gathering information and looking at this information to continue to improve PHRF-LO by adjusting formulas to ensure fair ratings for every sailor.    In order for this to work, ALL measurements that are asked for/required need to be measured/supplied by everyone, to maintain fairness in ratings between all when racing.   Missed measurements, means default measurements take that place, and could mean a difference either way in a rating result

Jamie Dike – Asst. Chief GTA

Mentioned how Clubs from places such as Manitoba, St. Louis & other areas of the US are reaching out to PHRF-LO.  This is all based on the work we doing/putting into for the formulas to obtain our ratings we set.   We are all doing good work here, and its showing.

3.2 Reports from District Chiefs

Bill Visser - Eastern

Bluenose boat has been under review

Had a quiet but active racing season

All Clubs are Happy J

Fran Doyle- Rochester

No new boats to report in the District

Season & Participation was a bit lethargic this season

All races did go off as planned

Discussion about all that Central Council has been doing

Noted that KYC had 61 PHRF boats in their Regatta and that Registration had to be closed for this race due to the response.  Congratulated Kingston on achieving that

Owen Schnider -  Toronto East

Quiet Racing season

1 New Boat, which is Pending rating

Held a Rating review meeting

Lake Simcoe was sorted out

Appreciate the work that Central Council is doing on White sail

John Crawley – Toronto West

1 meeting held

11 new boats

2 MOD boats

1 Appeal – which was Denied

Golden Horseshoe – No Rep present

South Shore – No Rep present


               4.1. – 2018 Financial Review – Alison Jones

There were no questions/concerns from members.  Alison, re-iterated that PHRF-LO made the decision to start charging HST, therefore all Clubs should also be charging this to their members as the Clubs will be seeing HST charges on their yearly Invoices from 2019 and onwards.  This applies to the Canadian Clubs only, as US Clubs are exempt.

               4.2. – 2019 Budget Proposal & Membership Fee review –

Suggested Price increase of $4.43.  Annual Certificate price: $35.97 +$4.43

With Race Credit =$40.40 - $5.00 (Race Credit) =$35.40+$4.60 (HST) = $40.00

With NO Race Credit = $40.40 + $5.25(HST) =$45.65

      Motion by Alison to accept the Financial review statement with the Proposed certificate price increase for the 2019 racing season.  Joe Malone  MCC , 2nd Bev Wiltshire LSYC  - Motion  Passed

4.3 Membership Review & Acceptance – Mike Campbell

Commented that a few issues/concerns with Lake Simcoe have been sorted out.

Acceptance of New Club – Cook Bay Yach Club, Reinstatement of Oak Orchard Yacht Club and Drop of Sail Georgina Association.   Owen Schnider , 2nd Bill Visser ;  Accepted , 0 Opposed


               5.1. Handicap Changes – Brian Thompson/Adam Farkas/Jamie Dike

               Changes for 2019

               a)What we Rate

We have no definition of what a PHRF boat is and we don’t have the capability to rate ALL boats.  After lots of work and thought, Jamie came up with a “Definition of What PHRF-LO Rates” (see Attachment)

Motion by Jamie proposing to Change the Handicappers Manual, to include this new Definition, in the Handicappers manual Part 1 Section 2 (meaning a renumbering of the current entries)  2nd Joe Malone MCC,  Vote: Accepted

Changes for 2020 –

  1. a) NFS-Delta - Jamie Dike

PHRF-LO was never focused on NFS sailing, as when PHRF was first put together the majority of racing was Flying Sails and we tried to create an NFS rating fit for what was needed at that time. Over the years, however, what we saw was a big shift to a lot more White sail racing, and we realized the formula we were using hasn't actually been correct. This gave us cause to look for a formula /way to create a way of giving a more equalized or fair way for assigning NFS ratings. 

Using information provided by US Sailing, we've tried adjusting it over the past 3 yrs, but we see that it still isn't correct. So based on a study on Wind, we feel the new formula will produce more of an accurate rating.

Owen Schneider has spent time studying “Wind on Lake Ontario” and made a presentation to Central Council. Given the information he provided, Central Council agreed, that for 2020 they would adopt to apply the Jim Teeters formula for W/L 8 knts with the caveat that a minimum 2 yrs of no adjustments to NFS ratings be applied in order to study the data.  

After the 2 years, look at doing any adjustments to ratings.

Therefore in 2020, ALL NFS ratings will change!

Motion by Jamie that PHRF-LO adopts the Jim Teeters W/L 8 NFS rating, for the sailing season of 2020 with no adjustments to any NFS rating shall occur until the sailing season of 2023.   Giving us 2- 3 yrs of sailing data.    Owen Schneider CBYC, 2nd John Scurr WYC -  Vote: Accepted

Handicapping Changes – Future years

  1. Improvements to prop adjustments – a project is being looked at currently
  2. Improvements to Keel adjustments –
  3. Improvement on rating for Point to Point races – Being reviewed this year

Other items:

  1. a) Mainsails – Adam Farkas

All measurements asked for are needed. Each is used in the formula; missing measurements are replaced with a default measurement. This may not be advantages to you. There is a deadline date in the Handicappers manual, for when penalties for the any missing measurements will start to be applied.

Adam will be working with Kevin Piper (Technical Advisory Committee) on Headsails that fall below 75% mid-girth, as these sails could be very affective in Point to Point racing. 

5.2 Spring Training Seminar – Bill Topping

This year being held on March 30th  at Dalhousie Yacht Club – Encourages everyone to come out and to please give Feedback on the day.  Whether it’s how much they liked/learned or suggestions on what the members would like to see/learn.  He would like handicappers to keep spreading the word to other members and sailors about these seminars.

5.3 Online Certificates

Still not fully up and running but should be this season.  Encourages everyone to use this method when it is fully functional, as it will save work on handicapper’s end, allows for faster turnaround of updated Certificates and will show any missing information that is needed required.

Eventually, this will allow people outside our area (Minnesota/St.Lawrence/Montreal) easier access to obtaining a Certificate to race in non PHRF-LO events.

Can help getting people from smaller areas (no local clubs) out racing in PHRF-LO events

However this does not include classes of boats that are not currently in our Database. These will still have to go through proper review procedures in order to obtain a Certificate.


5.4 Bylaw Change (attachment)- Alison Jones 

               In regards to Bylaw 7.4 Membership changes 

Smaller clubs voiced concerns/worries over the proposed Minimum number of Certificates required to be held for Membership.  As many are currently below the suggested minimum number already.

Motion by Jamie Dike, to accept all 7.4 changes, except for 7.4.5 which is to be reviewed further by the Executive Council.  Graham, 2nd Owen. Failed.

Motion by Jamie to amend the motion to vote on all the bylaws with the exception of & 7.4.5, we will remove these 2 from the current bylaws for further discussion at the 2020 AGM   Graham , 2nd Owen  Accepted. 

Recap Bylaw 7.2.1 #2 to be deleted, and Bylaw 7.4.5 to be deleted

5.5 Rating adjustments (1 sec/nm or 3) – Jamie Dike

Discussion with those in attendance.  Comment that people feel it’s getting too technical.

5.6 Racing Results Deadline Change – Alison Jones

With the implementation of the new Racing Awards, the Deadline for Results to be set in by Clubs is now NOVEMBER 15th.   This will allow ample time for scoring, and winners to be chosen.

  • No Concerns, Questions, or Complaints raised
  1. Nominations/Election of Officers

               No Nominations put forward

ALL current Executive willing to stand for 2019.   Graham Dougall QCYC, 2nd Martin Osborne THSC - Accepted

  1. Next meeting, 1st Saturday of 2020 Toronto Boat Show
  2. Meeting Adjourned