2020 Annual General Meeting

PHRF- Lake Ontario

Annual General Meeting

Saturday, January 18, 2020


Attendance: Mike Campbell (President), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief), Diana Riley (Exec Asst).

33 Handicappers representing 24 Members & 14 Guest (Chapman Awards)

  1. The meeting was called to order at 10:25 am.
  2. Motion to accept the Minutes from the 2019 Annual General Meeting.
    M/S. Joe Malon/Bev Wiltshire. Carried.

3.1 Reports from executive:

Mike Campbell ( President )
Since this was his last meeting due to his resignation, he wanted to thank everyone for all their efforts. He had a great time during his tenure and feels that the organization has come a long way with many great improvements.

Bill Topping (Vice President) - not available

Alison Jones (Sec/Tres) – The financial review will be later in the agenda but taking on the Chapman awards has brought to light the many racers without certificate, which is something that she would like to try to correct.
She has also been dabbling in the TOD to TOT conversion which she has presented to Central Council and hopes to find volunteers willing to assist.

A side comment:
The use of the Alternate TOT needs to be in the Racing instructions. Some organizers are still not including this.
Solution: A reminder sent out to all race organizers.

Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper) – Central Council still actively doing rating reviews and working on the NFS-Delta (offset). They continue to make improvements to the handicap system via Jib & Main measurements, identifying Sport boats and sailing displacement and other projects like identifying regions of PHRF north America with similar sailing conditions and doing a wind study.

Jamie Dike (Asst Chief – Non-GTA) – is continuing his work on the NFS-Delta & Point to Point handicaps.

Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief. - GTA) – has put many of his new ideas on hold until after Jamie & Owen complete their work. He looks forward to the outcome of the review of Code Zero (free flying headsails) for use in Point to Point racing.

3.2 Reports from the District Chiefs:

Bill Visser (Eastern) – nothing to report

Sue Sproule (Golden Horseshoe) – new territories were added this spring and were welcomed. The high water levels did not deter racing in the district.

Frances Doyle - (Rochester) – not available

Larry Huibers (South Shore) – not available

Owen Schneider (Toronto East) – rated 2 new classes and has the first meeting of 2020 set and welcomes North Bay Yacht Club to TORE.

John Crawley (Toronto West) – held one meeting and rated 7 new classes.


4.1. 2019 Financial Review (attached) & 
4.2. 2020 Budget Proposal & Membership fee review.

Motion to accept the Financial Review & Budget as presented.
M/S. Alison Jones/Sue Sproule. Carried.

4.3. Member Review and acceptance

NEW – Fifty Point Sailing Club

REINSTATE – Oak Orchard Yacht Club (continued as provisional due to lack of race submission)

DROP – Aquatic Park Sailing Club & Newport Yacht Club of Stoney Creek

Motion to accept the Member Review and acceptance as above.
M/S. Alison/ Joe Malon. Carried.        


5.1. Handicapping Changes

Handicapping Changes for 2020

  1. NFS-Deltaas presented by: Jamie Dike

Jim Teeters (US Sailing) was hired to supply PHRF-LO with values to use for our NFS handicaps. His findings were reviewed by Central Council and in 2012; they adopted his GPH (general purpose handicap) co-efficients and formula.

However, after 5 years of racing, it appeared to be the incorrect choice. So following the Wind Study done by Owen Schneider, it was agreed that the Windward Leeward 8 (WL8) be used in place of the GPH. This was presented at the 2019 AGM and accepted to be in place for 2020.

All but around 100 classes have been reviewed and agreed on how to apply the new deltas. Handicappers are encouraged to review the Preliminary Draft, in particular, the highlighted classes and give feedback on them.

Preliminary Draft for review at:

A comment by Sue Sproule (GHPRF District Chief):
Handicappers should re-iterate this to owners as a “delta” not a “penalty”. 84% of the recommended changes are either -9 or -12 seconds. When you include changes of -6, the proportion increases to 91%. A large portion of  remaining 9% of classes comprise of Sport boats, or classes that do not race NFS.

Handicapping Changes for 2021

  1. Point to Point handicaps as presented by: Jamie Dike

In an effort to address a request by members, a considerable amount of time has been spent on looking at and considering various options for establishing a Point to Point (PtoP) handicap for PHRF-LO certificate holders. This included looking at what other regions were doing, ORC handicaps and VPP’s.

While working on the NFS-Delta, it was recognized that we may have this information readily available via the information supplied by Jim Teeter (US Sailing) and his coefficients for WL8 vs GPH.

However, some classes had calculations that were excessive, in particular, Sport Boats. It was identified that the Teeters formula did not account for “Sailing weight” for these light displacement boats and a “Crew weight” table was added and helped smooth out the numbers.

Extensive race analysis has been done and the results are more compressed and the numbers, in general, do not affect placement.

Question from floor:
Why bother with this if it is not going to affect the placements.

There are two reasons:
1. This makes it fairer for small fleets with larger rating bands be more competitive.
2. When the corrected times are more compressed, it motivates people to be more competitive.

To change the Handicappers Manual to allow a Point to Point handicap/delta for 2021.
M/S: Jamie/Scott Lyons. Carried.


Numbers will be released later this spring and it is recommended that Handicappers review them and apply them this year to see how they work.

  1. Code Zero headsails – reviewed by Adam Farkas

    In anticipation of allowing these sails for Point to Point racing, review has begun and talks within the Technical advisory committee have resulted in a few possible items of concern.

Centerline tack credit (currently +6) may be adjusted -3 or -6 depending on the type of sprit being used.

All headsails & Asymmetrical sails will require measuring in order to apply penalties applicable to these code zero type of sails. This may be in addition to the Spinnaker & Jib adjustments.

COMMENT: Owen Schneider
There is currently a need to measure ALL Asymmetrical sails to identify these “Illegal” Code zero sails now in use.

Motion for the 2021 season, that the Technical Advisory Committee and/or Central Council, come up with a formula and adjustments to allow Code zero for use in Point to Point racing.

M/S. John C/Andy Sharp. Carried.

Handicapping Changes - future years

a) Improvements to Prop adjustments – still needs looked at.

b) Improvements to Keel adjustments – still needs looked at.

c) Centerline tack point adjustments – still needs looked at.

 5.2. Spring Training Seminars

2020 - March 28th - Genesee Yacht Club
Bill Topping was not available but in his absence asked that members please identify any changes they would like to see and send them to us.

Coming years:

2021 – March 27th – Host Club needed in Toronto (TORE or TORW)
John Crawley nominated Port Credit Yacht Club for this event.

2022 – March 26th – Host Club needed in South (GHPRF or SSYRA)

2023 - March 25th - Host Club needed in East (EYC or ROCH)

5.3.  On line Certificates
Mike Campbell reviewed that the process is actually taking much longer than originally anticipated but that we are on track to having a public version available for the 2021 season.

5.4. Bylaw Change (attached):

Modifications to the bylaws to outline Executive and Central Council expense compensations was distributed.

Motion to accept Bylaw change as submitted.
M/S: Alison/Dan Machold.

In order to avoid this type of Bylaw change ongoing, it was suggested that the amount of reimbursement be at the discretion of the Executive.

Friendly amendment:
Replace “for travel expenses up to $.40 per km for attending meetings” with “for travel expenses, at an amount (per klm) as prescribed by the Executive, for attending meetings”.

M/S: Alison/Dan Machold. Carried.

6. Nominations/Election of Officers – All positions were open for nomination.

President – Alison Jones nominated Larry Huibers for the position of President. Seconded by John Crawley.
With no other nominations, Larry Huibers was acclaimed as President.

There being no other nominations from the floor, the rest of the Executive slate remains unchanged.

7. New BusinessSouth Shore redistribution

As a result of Larry Huibers acceptance of the Presidents position, his resignation as South Shore Region District Chief left an opening that the Executive felt uncertain to fill.

South Shore comprises of 5 clubs, the largest being Niagara on the Lake and Youngstown who actively race together. Historically, the region was slated to be disbanded, as it had been difficult for this region to hold meeting and get new ratings set or changed. Larry accepted the District Chief position in an effort to avoid this, but in recent years, the original issue has resurfaced simply due to the lack of Handicappers to attend meeting or approve ratings.

Motion to disband the South Shore District and redistribute the clubs based on their location, with the option to re-assemble if a new District Chief is found. Dalhousie to be moved to Golden Horseshoe and all others to Rochester District.
M/S: Alison/Andy Sharp (Olcott YC). Carried.

8. Next Meeting: First Saturday of Boat show: tentative January 16, 2021, 10:00 am– Toronto International Boat Show (Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto)

9. Adjournment at 12:00 pm