2022 Annual General Meeting

Minutes for

AGM – Zoom

Jan 15, 2022 – 10am

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Executive: Larry Huibers (Pres), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief – GTA), Owen Schneider (Asst. Chief – Non-GTA), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres) , Bill Topping (V. Pres), Brian Thomson (Chief Hand.), Sheena Tait(Asst. Admin)

Central Council: Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Bill Visser (Eastern District Chief), Sue Sproule (Golden Horseshoe District Chief), Jamie Dike (Toronto East District Chief), Fran Doyle (Rochester District Chief) Owen Schneider (Assistant Chief – Non-GTA), Mike Brown (Toronto West District Chief), Adam Farkas (Assistant Chief – GTA)

Members & Guests: 41

  1. Meeting was called to Order at 10:05 am
    Quorum was confirmed

  2. Acceptance of the Agenda – Larry Huibers
    Motion: approve Agenda 2022 AGM.
          M/S –Owen/ Brian Thompson

              Poll results – Yes 18, No: 0, Abstain: 0

  1. Acceptance of Minutes from the 2021 Annual General Meeting
    Motion: to Approve 2021 AGM Minutes

         M/S Bill Visser, Sue Sproule –Approved

          Poll results – (technical issue, used Show of Hands) Yes: 22 (over 50%) , No:0 , Abstain: 0

         4.1 Reports from executive:

Larry Huibers ( President ) – Chair

Has had the pleasure of being the President for the past couple years.

Acknowledged the passing of 2 people within the sailing community and within PHRF-LO, whose contributions were significant Glenn Freeman BHYC (Past Sec/Tres & GHPHRF District Chief) and Ross Cameron KYC (Past Pres/V.Pres).  We send out condolences to their families.

Acknowledged the challenges COVID 19 continued to give us in 2021 with sailing and asked for everyone to appreciate how challenging it was.  Be kind to and help out your Handicappers, for what challenges this has thrown their way.

Mentioned PHRF-LO is submitting articles to Canadian Yachting, for their website, talking about why PHRF-LO is a quality handicapping system.  Showing how we make it equitable, and use observed performance.

Acknowledged the hard work of the Admin team, Diana & Sheena,  Alison (Sec/Treas) members of the Executive and Central Council and the local Handicappers for their significant work put into PHRF-LO during these times.  Looking forward to the 2022 Season

Bill Topping (Vice President)
- 2022 – March 26th,– Zoom Webinar with local regional clustering sessions for sail measurement. Details will be posted as they become available
- 2023 - March 25th - Host Club needed in East (EYC or ROCH)
- 2024 – March 30th – Host Club needed in Toronto (TORE or TORW)

 Open to Suggestions/Criticisms for the Seminars from anyone who has any to offer.   

 Invites everyone to give any suggestions/critics are welcome, feedback is always appreciated.

 In the past it’s been geared towards New Handicappers, however the Seminars are open to everyone including experienced Handicappers

 Always a possiblity to have a panel discussion with Chief Handicappers/Handicappers, Sail Measurers etc

 Asking for input of topics anyone would like covered that has or hasn’t been previously presented.

 Looking forward to getting back to in person seminars for more personal contact/ hands on

 Alison Jones (Sec/Tres)

Cancellation of the 2021 Season Championships & New Racer Awards , due to COVID 19 – No Expenses
- All PHRF-LO Burgees have been sent out to Clubs for handicappers, hoping they are being flown on their boats, for identification that they are PHRF-LO representative  and Certificate Holders can identify you.  Emails were sent out to all from Diana re: Burgees. Any questions/concerns, regarding the burgess, contact Diana at a later time.

If you’ve not received yours, ask you follow up with your club and investigate where they are.

        Fair number of race results were sent in, analysis is being finalized.

Noted the struggle with Zoom meetings, understand the value missing that is had in face to face meetings.

Thanked Diana for managing the expenses, keeping it down while getting as much done as we could.

Ontario Sailing Covid Program, support of a $1000 reimbursement

Georgian Bay Sailing association gave a donation of $1000 to us and are donating $500 to us in 2022,  thank you Ron Owston

Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper)
Our whole thing is Fairness!

There were 1130 Certificate of which 271 are NFS (we’re seeing these starting to grow)

The trend in NFS growth seems to be new Sailors , Older Sailors.

Feel we’re looking very healthy, given the 2 years of dealing with racing limitations
from Covid.  Looking forward to good racing this year, and hopefully even better in 2023

Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief. - GTA)

Very sparse racing results this past year, limiting what was available for reviewing handicaps

Limited in reviewing New boats which were non-traditional, getting Initial Assignments together were a bit difficult.

Learning to use the newer rules that were implemented, such as keel shapes

Overall it was a very quiet season

Owen Schneider (Asst Chief – Non-GTA)

        Helped with getting a few Initial Handicaps done, mainly in the South Shore area this season.

4.2 Reports from the District Chiefs:

Bill Visser (Eastern)
Ottawa had a late start to season, got a number of races off, mostly distance racing.
QC having different rules than ON which allowed CVGR to manage a closer to normal season.
All clubs had a decline in Certs, but believe they will up again in the coming season
Some clubs suspended racing for the season (COVID) and some clubs had more access restrictions.
Also saw more NFS sailing racing this year

Sue Sproule - (Golden Horseshoe)
Due to Covid rules and Doug Ford, had a delayed start to season.   Almost back to normal type racing near end of season.

Held 3 District Meetings at which we rated 2 new classes and 1 Mod class.

Looking forward to a hopefully full season next year

Frances Doyle - (Rochester)

District presented idea for a rule for 8 Meter box which was passed
Rated 4 new boats, however they were really old boats
Had low COVID rates during summer, races went off as usual
Did have problems with a Low water issue which impacted races in places (Fairhaven had  problems until later in season)
OSWEGO still struggling with harbor under construction, causing an impact on racing

Larry Huibers - speaking for (South Shore)

Share time between US and CAN sides, dealing with Border issues and closures were challenging, having an impact on racing.  Hoping this coming year will be better.
Next year should be an even better year for racing

Jamie Dike - (Toronto East)

As with everyone else, numbers were down due to Covid.
Held 1 meeting last spring, where we rated an old boat but a New Class to us.
Starting to see older classes with people sailing White Sail class

Mike Brown - (Toronto West)

Held 2 Zoom meetings,  with 7 initial assignments, not your usual boats and had 2 rating reviews.     
Clubs delayed with getting started, a few managed racing 3 nights a week.
Attendance numbers varied. Race analysis not great due to the wind issues
Thanks to Owen Schnieder, Adam Farkas & John Crawley for all their help this year with the Initial  Assignments.

  1. Membership
         5.1 Member Review and acceptance – Larry Huibers

No Resignations were received for 2021
NEW Members review:
OOYC - Oak Orchard YC: Provisional member since 2019. No certificates, No race results.- Rochester District
TYC - Trident YC: Provisional member since 2021. No certificates, No race results. –assigned to Eastern District
NYCR - Newport Yacht club of Rochester: Provisional member since 2021. 4 certificates, No race results. – assigned to Rochester District

These 3 clubs can be presented for Membership in 2023

DROP –None

5.2 Districts - alignment - Larry Huibers
           - None slated for review

  1. Financial - Alison Jones
          6.1.  2022 Budget Proposal
                 - 2022 Budget is based on the 2021 income
                 - Major change is getting PHRF-LO a new laptop
                 - Looking that we will need more income to operate in the 2022 season

Motion: To Accept the 2022 expenditures as presented

M/S: Owen S./ Mike Brown

Poll results - Yes: 33, No:0,  Abstain:1

Question from floor:  Why are the Office expenses higher?
Answer: We are budgeting $3,000 for a new laptop, as well as some significant mailing.  (burgees/inflation)

6.2. Membership Dues
       Suggested to increase to Certificate Fee from $40.40 to $44.25
       NOTE: this increase is reflected as Income in 2023

                        Motion: to approve suggested increase in Certificate fee.

M/S – Owen/Brian
Poll: Yes: 33 , No: 1, Abstain: 1
Motion Approved

Question from floor:   How do we compare against other PHRF organizations (fee wise)
Answer: PHRF-LO is less expensive than other PHRF organizations.

Suggest to increase to Rush Fee from $20 to $25 –Approved
Motion: to approve suggested increase in Rush Fee
M/S- Owen , Brian

Poll results – Yes: 34, No: 0, Abstain: 3

  1. Other Business

7.1. Bylaw Changes - Alison Jones
NOTE: See online documented changes

Motion to approve the change of section 7.3.3 – Provisional Membership, as it references section 7.2
M/S Alison, Owen
Poll results: Yes: 33, No: 0, Abstain: 1 – Motion Carried

Motion to approve the addition of Section 7.3.3 – Member Representation
NOTE: the intent is to assign the default voting representative to the Main Handicapper unless otherwise designated by the Member Club/Organization.
M/S- Alison, Brian T
Poll results: Yes: 32, No:0 Abstain:2 - Carried

7.2. Handicapping Changes

Handicapping Changes 2022 - Owen Schneider
NOTE: Requires approval by membership Slated to be implemented in 2022 (exceptions as motioned)
See Summary of changes

a) Bloopers/Streakers
    Motion: to ban the use of Bloopers & Streakers under PHRF-LO - M/S Owen/Bill Visser
    Poll results- Yes: 32, No: 1, Abstain: 1
    Motion Carried

b) Rescind the CTP credit approved at 2021 AGM
   2021 Minutes NOTED as: Item 7.2. d) CL Fixed Sprit Credit
   Change the CL Credit from +6 to +3 for all CTP Class rated boats for P2P racing

     Motion: to rescind the Centerline Tack Credit approved at the AGM (as noted above)
     M/S-  Adam,  Owen
     Poll results- Yes: 29, No: 1, Abstain: 3
     Motion Carried

c) Handicappers Manual - updates to the manual to align with the Equipment Rules of Sailing and to give better, less repetitive and updated references.
    Eg: "Jib" now referenced as "Headsail"

    Part I now Part I - Procedures (see the documented changes)
    M/S- Owen, Alison
    Poll results- Yes: 34, No: 0, Abstain: 0 – CARRIED

    Part II now Part II - Class Rules (see the documented changes)
    Motion to rename: Owen, Alison 2nd – CARRIED

d) Retractable motor with flush plate
    As per the November Central Council meeting
    Motion: Retractable motor with flush plate, in an outboard designed class, will be treated as “Standard – Retracted when racing” (0 (zero) handicap adjustment)
    M/S– Owen/Bill Visser
    Poll results- Yes:31, No: 0 Abstain: 1

Handicapping Changes for 2023
Slated to be implemented in 2023 (exceptions as motioned)

a) CL Fixed Sprit Credit
Presentation of the Lake Michigan graduated credit based on Displacement - Length Ratio (DLR). Implement a Graduated CTP Credit will be on the rule book, but the actual implementing will be on delay , looking at 2023
Motion: Accept the presented Centerline Fixed sprit Credit for 2023
M/S Adam, 2nd Owen -  Carried

b) Propulsion
Recommend changing from 0.67 times the square root of the waterline (in feet) to 0.9 times for the minimum speed to be achieve by a boat before an inadequate power penalty is applied
Motion: to revise the minimum power calculation to 0.9*√LWL (from 0.67**√LWL) in 2023. Inadequate Speed definition in both the IB & OB section of 6.51 & 6.5.2 Part II – Class rules
Poll results – Yes: 30, No: 1, Abstain: 2

Other Handicapping Updates

a) Point to Point (P2P) for 2022

Owen reported that after review of the originally used Teeters formula for establishing the P2P numbers, they did not results in reliable speeds.
The results generally showed slower speeds which contradict known observed performance, especially for Sport boats
Decision is to delay implementing the Point to Point handicap until an alternative can be found. Possibly in 2023.

b) Free Flying Headsails (FFH) in relation to P2P only)

Adam reported that measurement of ALL Asymmetrical spinnakers will be required in order identify sails that have an Asymmetrical Mid Girth of <75% “which are currently prohibited under PHRF-LO Rules. This may result in the need to record the Largest and Smallest Asymm Spinnakers.
Larry added - This is to insure that ALL sails being called a Spinnaker, ARE indeed a Spinnaker

c) Symmetrical Spinnaker Max Girth vs Mid Girth

Adam reviewed the concerns In regards to the Max girth vs Mid Girth it is not a mandatory re- measurement of sails. It may be of benefit for owners to have their sails re-measured as in many cases the Mid Girth (1/2 G) will be smaller and could results in a handicap changes.

Future Handicapping Projects

Prop Adjustments

Further research other rating system

7.3. Nominations/Election of Officers – All positions are open for nominations.
       No resignation for 2022
       No New Nominations – Current Officers will Hold positions for 2022

Slate of Officers
President - Larry Huibers (Niagara on the Lake Sailing club)
Vice President - Bill Topping (Brockport Yacht Club)
Sec/Tres - Alison Jones (Port Credit Yacht Club)
Chief Handicapper - Brian Thomson (Bay of Quinte Yacht Club)
Assistant Chief GTA - Adam Farkas (National Yacht Club)
Assistant Chief Non-GTA - Owen Schneider (Bluffers Park Yacht Club)

  1. New Business

   No New Business to discuss

  1. Next Meeting: First Saturday of Boat show: tentative 21 January 2023 10:00 am– Toronto International Boat Show (Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto)

  2. Adjournment 12:20pm
    Motion to adjourn:  M/S -  Alison, Brian Thompson – carried.

Closing message from Larry Huibers - President

Larry send thanks to Alison, Diana & Sheena for their work put into making this Zoom AGM

PHRF-LO works to ensure that Racing is fair & perceived to be fair for everyone.
We try to work at making sure everyone understands that PHRF-LO has a clear and transparent process, with how ratings are set.   If anyone has any questions about PHRF-LO, we are always here to help, be it by getting the answers or explaining in more detail for better understanding.

One thing we are enjoying seeing, is the New people who are coming out, given COVID,  we saw some new boats coming out to try racing, and having fun, enjoying it with family/friends.  More so in the NFS, which saw a growth in participation.

Our objective is to make sure everyone enjoys themselves when racing with PHRF-LO.