TORE February 2018

PHRF-LO Toronto East

Mid-Winter District Meeting Agenda

19:30 Tuesday, February 20th 2018 Whitby Yacht Club

Host: James Dike, WYC

Barrie Yacht Club (BYC) – David Morton, Bluffers Park Yacht Club (BPYC) – Ross Eddie, Cathedral Bluff Yacht Club (CBYC) – Owen Schneider, Cobourg Yacht Club (CYC) – Rob Lenters, Highland Yacht Club (HYC) – Michael Bauer, Jim McGuinness, Whitby Yacht Club (WYC) – James Dike

Summary of Ratings Approved


1. Administration:

• District Chair Election – Owen Schneider confirmed for 2018

2. Reports from the District Clubs:
• Roundtable Reporting – No material updates

3. Items to go to Central Council
• Continue to Support disconnection of FS and NFS ratings

4. Handicapping
• New boats – None
• Alert List and Rating Review – See Attached List of Decisions

5. General Discussion
• Point to Point, Interclub Rating, HP Boats
• 7/8 Main, list to be distributed to clubs in district
• PHRF-Regions list

6. Next Meeting Date – Summer or Fall 2018, exact date to be determined.

7. End – Meeting End Called at 22:00.

PHRF-LO Toronto East would to thank James Dike and the Whitby Yacht Club for hosting the fall district meeting.