TORW July 2022

Toronto West PHRF Lake Ontario District Meeting

TORW held a meeting on July 25th 2022 starting at 7:10 PM using Zoom.


1) Introductions, new handicapper Joseph Greenwood

Michael Brown – District Chair

Adam Farkas – National Yacht Club

Joseph Greenwood – National Yacht Club

Paul McDonald – Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club

Bev Wiltshire – Lakeshore Yacht Club

Wayne Parker – Mimico Cruising Club

Joe Malon – Mimico Cruising Club

John O’Dwyer – Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club


Regrets, presentations handled by Michael Brown


Anne Sanderson – Port Credit Yacht Club

Glen Broll – Royal Canadian Yacht Club


2) New class initial assignments

                2a) RCYC – Hanse 375

                                FS SP: 90

Due to the hull, rigging and most dimension being the same as the established Hanse 370 and 370e no PTF was deemed required.

                2b) LYC – Hanse 311

                                FS SP 150 – PTF = 144

                2c) PCYC – J/9

                                FS SP 120 – PTF = 114

Notes to be forwarded to look at the Torpedo Electric drive and oversized CTP adjustment.

                2d) MCC - Jeanneau 49i SD

FS SP: 75 – PTF = 69

Note that this is a SD version of the 49i rated at the last meeting, request that the current certificate # 7356 be updated from 49i to 49i SD.

3) Rating review

3a) Dufour 40e Shifty

The owners filled a review request to remove the oversized asymmetrical and CTP adjustment of -15 sec/mile. The review was not questioning the base 40e SP rating. A look at the sail measurements and CTP length along with a discussion with Diana verified that the -15 was correct based on PHRF-LO rules and formulas. It was decided that a district level meeting was inappropriate to recommend a change to PHRF-LO rules so no adjustment would be recommended. It was felt that the handicapping direction is that boats carrying large asymmetrical on long CTP due get a substantial adjustment but that is partially offset by a 6 sec/mile credit for a fixed bowsprit and no additional spinnaker pole. Since Shifty is carrying a symmetrical spinnaker and pole the credit is not available. The local handicapper and chair will contact the owner and explain the PHRF-LO direction to him, suggesting he consider not rating with the symmetrical.

5) Other business

Will consider a get together, possibly at MCC on a non-racing weeknight.