RDPHRF August 2015


7 pm Monday, August  24, 2015

Agenda: Initial assignment or Soverel 30 MH

Attended by: Steve Corona – GYC, Dale Ewbank – GYC, Hank Stuart – RCSC, Bill Topping – Brockport, Fred Suppon – OYC

Moderator: Fran Doyle- SBYC

Abscent: Doug Axtell – PYC – due to family emergency

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm

All persons had reviewed the materials that have been attached to this report. My concerns about the fact that the E and the P were significantly different from US Sailing and the Soverel  web site were discussed. These measurements will be a                                                         permanent part of the phrf-lo web site based on one boat’s measurement, which is different from other available information. This could impact other Soverel 30 MHs on the lake, if this is not indeed a standard mast and boom. It was presumed                                                                   by the group to be a measurement error of no consequence.

Based on the materials provided for the Soverel 30 MH, Hank motioned that the rating of 123 be accepted. Dale seconded this. All but Fran voted yes. The motion was passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm

Submitted Saturday August 30, 2015