RDPHRF February 2015



FEB 21, 2015


Attending: Bill Toppings - BYC,  Steve Corona – GYC,  Dale Ewbank- GYC,  Dick Taylor- OYC,  by phone Herb Clark – SYC,  Frances Doyle- SBYC

Unable to attend: Hank Stuart- RCSC,  Doug Axtell- PYC,  Tim Breen- RYC

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am.

1. The primary purpose of the meeting was to review the alert list. 25 boats from our district were evaluated. The following boats were felt to need no adjustment:

Alberg 30

Beneteau 1st 345

C&C 25-1 ob

C&C 29-2

Goman Express 30

Grampian 26 ob

Hunter 260

J 22

J 29 7/8 0b

J 30

J 35

Nonsuch 26

Oday 25 cb

Pearson 30

Wavelength 24

Scampi mod 3


Tanzer 26


X 102

The Hunter 28.5 was believed to require an adjustment of -6. Bill, Dick and Fran voted for this change and Steve and Dale abstained.

J 24: All agreed with the central Council decision to change the J 24 to 162.

J 28: All agreed that more races were needed before deciding on the J 28

Laser: All agreed that our district, without the input of other districts, could not draw a definite conclusion about the Laser. A correction of +3 to +9 may be in order.

The S-2 7.9 provided us with the biggest challenge. While Bill was left with some uncertainty, it was unanimously decided to not to suggest a change to the rating. There was also concern about the ability to lift the board downwind,                                                                              though not all believed it made a significant difference.

2. A call for a new district chief was requested. However, Fran was asked to continue this role for the next year.

3. No old business

4. No new business

5. The group was updated on the mainsail project. The general feeling was that a measuring continuum was good but the group believed that it should not be necessary to measure mains that fit inside the conventional backstay.                                                                                            They also felt that this would be poorly accepted by the boat owners. In the meantime, Fran suggested that we encourage our racers to have sailmakers certificates made for all new sails. A new form for the sailmakers should be                                                                                         available soon from central council – thanks to Diana.

6. The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 pm.

Submitted by Frances Doyle