RDPRF Aug 2021 via Zoom

AUG 2, 2021

Attendants: Dale Ewbank, GYC – Herb Clark, SYC – Tim Breen, RYC – Kelly Vore, PYC – Dave Will, NYCR

Moderator: Frances Doyle, SBYC

Meeting was called to order at 7:30

The minutes of the last meeting were approved, and all agreed that they did not need to be read at this meeting.

There was no old business.

Dave Will was introduced at the meeting. He is a member of Newport Yacht Club which has just been accepted into the Rochester District. The chief handicapper was unable to attend. He is Jeff Heidman.

The purpose of the meeting was to review and vote on 3 new assignments.

Cape Dorey 9 M Intrepid
         This is the more comfortable version of a Grampian 28 which is rated 195 on Lake Ontario. The boat should be minimally slower. Thus the boat was rated 195 after the 6 seconds to protect the fleet. The rating was done by Kelly from PYC.                 All members voted YES after discussion.

The Palmer Johnson 42 CB Cus.
         This is a home made wooden vessel. Thus the rating was based on the calculated values and similar designs. With 6 seconds to protect the fleet, Tim from Rochester YC rated the boat as 135. All members voted YES after discussion.

Bristol Channel Cutter
         This is a 28 foot, old style, heavy displacement, full keel cutter. Using comparables and calculated ratings, the rating assignment was 195 with the protect the fleet. Tim from RYC did the rating . All members voted YES after discussion.

There was no other new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. The next meeting date will be determined in November unless further problems arise.

Post Meeting New Handicap.

Tartan 31

After the meeting, Tim Breen received a request for a new assignment for a Tartan 31.

As written by Tim Breen from RYC “The boat is a 1988 Tartan 31 which is new to Lake Ontario.  There is however a PHRF-LO rating for the newer model, Tartan 3100.  All the rig and hull dimensions are identical.  The attached Spinsheet review of the 3100 states “ From a practical standpoint, the models can be considered the same. The most recognizable differences are the inclusion of a molded swim step in the transom of the restyled version and a change from a Scheel-designed “flared tip/cord” to a Jackett-designed “beaver tail” keel on shoal-draft models”  Note that both models on Lake Ontario are fin keel which has not changed. 
There is one Tartan 3100 actively racing on Lake Ontario and I’ve attached race analysis showing they pretty much sail to their rating or perhaps a bit slower than their rating.

Email discussion was allowed from 8/16/21 through 8/20 and this was followed by voting from 8/20 through 8/23. There were 5 yes votes and 1 no (6 from the member clubs and 1 member club had 2 persons vote). The participating discussants and voters were Kelly Vore, Bill Strobel, Bill Topping, Herb Clark, Dale Ewbank, Steve Corona, and F Doyle.
The motion PASSED.

Meeting minutes submitted by Frances Doyle.