SSYRA June 2016

South Shore PHRF district meeting minutes

June 20, 2016


Present; Larry Huibers (NOLSC), Scott Dinse (YYC), Charles Palame (Wilson)

Regrets; Andy Sharp (Olcott), Jason Smyth (DYC)


Meeting called to order at 9PM

One design classes and standard ratings.

We discussed using class definitions and dimensions for the following one design classes; J22, J24, J70, J88, J105 and Shark.
We discussed doing similar for the J27 but there wasn’t enough info to ensure the class legal boats would have sail dimensions within the PHRF tolerances.  We will revisit after Oakville has a stable definition for the class since that is where the majority of the boats reside.


We discussed getting mains measured and will focus on owners to get sailmaker certificates.

Catalina 36

We reviewed the Catalina 36 and since it is not racing this year we were able to table and decision.

Benneteau First 26.5

We discussed the Bennetau  First 26.5. Upon review we are comfortable with its current rating and agreed to leave it at that number for the year. Charles will notify the owner of such.  A completed application will follow to allow the issuance of a proper certificate.

We have no other new boats in the District at this point.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

Respectfully submitted by

Larry Huibers