SSYRA June 2018

South Shore District Meeting June 4th

Present; Andy Sharp Olcott, Pete Berridge, NOLSC, Tim Scheffer, NOLSC, Larry Huibers, NOLSC

Regrets but input provided; Jason Smyth DYC, Scott Dinse, YYC


Business arising from last meeting- None

Main sail measurements- They are going along fine.  Boat will receive a 3 second penalty if they do not have valid main measurement numbers in. 

These are for Head Board, MGT (7/8), MGU (3/4) MGM (1/2)


J124.  Local YYC boat.  Has a hard time sailing to its rating.  Concern is it is not unique to our district so the committee could not support a district only rating.  It was suggested that NOLSC and YYC could consider a “River Only Rating” for local club events.  The general feeling was this should only apply if the fleet is OK with it.  Currently there is only 1 boat from NOLSC in PHRF 1 division. 

Suggestion was to match the J111 rating.  We received input from John Crawley since the other J124 on the lake is in his District.

Action; Let Scott review with owner and owner rep (Andy Hooker)

SR 27.  Local NOLSC boat.  There is a base rating on the data base under Henderson SR 27 Mod.  Have sail dimensions, just need to verify the spinnaker dimensions again to be sure we get it right.

Laser 28.  Larry and Peter are partners on this boat.  It will race in a one design configuration.  But to make sure there is no conflict we had Tim measure the sails to confirm they are in fact the same dimensions as the other Laser 28 in Niagara (They are).

CS 27 SD. Tim’s boat, races NFS.  Larry measured the sails to ensure there is no conflict.



There is one new boat to assign a handicap to.  Andy has a First 22 in Olcott that needs a rating.

After reviewing the work sheet and comparable boats the committee agreed to a base rating of 219 NFS.  The boat will not sail with a spinnaker. 

Moved by Pete, seconded by Tim, all in favor.


Meeting adjourned