SSYRA April 2021

South Shore district meeting

March 20, 2021

In attendance-  Andy S. OYC, Patty Jo DYC, Andy H. YYC, Scott Dinse YYC, Larry H. NOLSC, Charlie P. WHYRA

Call to order at 9:35 am

Discussed the need to elect a district chief.

Motion to nominate Andy S. made by Larry,  2nd by Scott D,  All were in favor.  Andy S. elected.

Larry led a discussion about the need for the district to come up with its own rating for the Esse considering its specific to the district.  It was decided that an appeal would not apply in this case.

Motion to set rating at 84 made by Andy H.,  2nd by Charlie.  All were in favor of 84 FS for the Esse.
Larry Huibers abstained due to conflict of interest.

Andy S. asked if there was any other business to discuss in our district and there was not.

Motion to adjourn at 11am made by Patty Jo, 2nd by Andy H.  All in favor.