EYC April 2017

Minutes – PHRF-LO EYC District – Spring Meeting (Teleconference via SKYPE)

April 30 2017 – 7 PM

Attendees: Bill Visser (District Chif, COBA); Kirk Robertson (BRIT); Guy Perrin (BRIT); Dan Machold (CYC); Ralph Shaw (KYC);

Attempted by could not connect: Hugh Morrin (NSC); Robert Currie (PRYC) 

Regrets: Canaan Leonard (HHYC)

 There were no agenda items submitted in advance of the meeting or at the opening of the meeting.

 Handicappers reminded to reference the ERS for procedures and definitions when measuring sails. There have been changes and Handicappers need to be familiar with current practices.

Mini training session to be held in Ottawa weekend of May 27 / 28 to review procedures, Handicappers Worksheet and definitions. The intent is to fill any knowledge gaps as a result of not being able to attend the PHRF -LO Training Sessions. This will not be a full Training Seminar as held earlier, as no forma policy discussions will be held.

 Use of SKYPE as a meeting tool for PHRF-LO EYC District meetings was discussed. It was determined that:

  • It is important that all handicappers have SKYPE installed.
  • Meeting Chair needs to know all participants SKYPE contact information (userid) prior to the meeting to ease set up of a group call. While it is possible to add callers during the call it can be cumbersome.
  • This (SKYPE) should be the method by which we can do Initial Assessments that cannot wait until our next scheduled meeting.
  • This has the advantage of sharing spreadsheets and other documentations with participants, ensuing correct information is being discussed.

 There being no other discussions, meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM.


Next meeting: Saturday November 4 2017 at Kingston Yacht Cub (to be confirmed closer to the date.)