April 2020

Executive Meeting

Zoom Video Conference

Saturday, April 18th, 2020


Attendees: Larry Huibers (Pres), Bill Topping (V. Pres),  Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief), Diana Riley (Exec Asst)

  1. Call to order – 10:06
  2. Acceptance of minutes – November 2019 & March 2020 M/S. Brian/Jamie. Carried
  3. COVID-19 related items

There was extensive discussion around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Member Clubs, Racing, Events and the resulting affect on Certificates.

Certificates income is the only source of income PHRF-LO has, so the impact of the pandemic on the organization was discussed at length. In these discussions, it was recognized that:

  1. Income for 2020, will not be affected. As clubs need to pay the 2020 Membership invoice in order to maintain membership status.
  2. The majority of the payment made in the spring is a deposit toward the 2020 Certificates that will be issued.
  3. If Certificates are not issued, there will be a large deficit that will need to be addressed going into 2021.
  4. PHRF-LO is not eligible for any government assistance.

PHRF-LO Chapman Championship is an award program based on being able to ensure that all participants have an equal chance of winning. In this discussion, it was recognized that:

  1. There are already some large events that have been cancelled.
  2. As this draws on, more and more events could be cancelled.
  3. The Awards are intended to be equitable to all PHRF-LO racers, so there would need to be enough events from all around the lake in order to maintain integrity.

Discussion Conclusion:

Given that this is still early in the racing season, it would be best to revisit this when there is a clearer picture.

Action:  Tabled until Aug 10th with the following:

  • A notice will be sent out to all member handicappers to cover what has been discussed.
  • Members will be asked to advise us as soon as a decision has been made to not launch or race in 2020.

4) Training and Education WORKSHOP


There was some discussion around moving this to a Webinar or Video Conference.

Action: Bill Topping has some experience/contacts that he will call on to get more information on this.

Rochester Region:

Given this is the second attempt at holding a Workshop in Rochester, it was discussed if they should be removed as a location in rotation.

Action: It was agreed, that they will be left in the rotation, however, we will only agree to hold it in that region if asked.

Upcoming Workshops:

2021 - TOR (TORE OR TORW) – PCYC volunteered
2022 - SW (GHPRF/SSYRA) - Looking for Host Club!
2023 - EAST (EYC & ROCH) - Looking for Host Club

5) Abuse of Power by businesses on Handicaps on the lake

For insurance purposes, a document will be created that covers the Handicappers in case of abuse.

Action: Alison & Larry will draft up the document for presentation at the November meeting.


Jamie & Adam have been working closely with the Lake Michigan group to the extent of having full Handicapper access on their web site.
Lake Michigan collects a significant amount of information on each boat that applies for a certificate. They have been accommodating and open, so it was suggested to allow them to have a copy of our Handicappers worksheet.

Action 1: The Handicappers worksheet will be shared but with the proviso that it be kept secure. Larry Huibers will draft a cover letter to go with the offer.

Action 2: As an extension to Action 1, we will also offer to set up the LMPHRF as a Member club (temporary), with 3 handicappers who will be able to apply for a certificate and have access to those via our On-line certificate program.

7) New Business

a) Cheaters: In Particular, boats using Illegal Spinnakers.

A significant amount of time was spent discussing what role PHRF-LO plays in regards to policing the use of these sails (ie: Code Zero, Free Flying Genoa). In this discussion it was identified:

  1. PHRF-LO bases its handicap on the honesty of the owners and the information submitted to us.
  2. It is the responsibility of the racers to file a protest against the boats in question.
  3. The RRS state that the Events Technical Committee can be anyone. This could be the Handcappers or PRO who have the authority to have this addressed.
  4. The continued work being done on the Point to Point ratings and the use of these sails suggests that we wait for Adam & Keven to complete their project.
  5. If Sailmakers are selling Genoa’s as Asymmetrical Spinnakers, then they are misinforming the participants. Our rules for an Asymmetrical Spinnaker are clear:

    PART II, Section 6.2 (Page 6)
    All Asymmetrical sails in inventory “must” be measured to ensure they meet the definition of an Asymmetrical sail as outlined in Part II, Section 3: Definitions

    Definitions (Page 3)
    Mid (AMG) girth, measured mid luff to mid leech, shall be greater than or equal to 75% of the foot length.

Action 1:  Include (as a top item) in the next newsletter the reference to the Handicappers Manual as listed above. This will be for all Handicappers.

Action 2:  Include sailmakers in the newsletter.

b. TAC (PHRF-LO Technical Advisory Committee)

Currently we have Steve Corona (Race analysis & Q) and Keven Piper (Sailmaker) as our TAC. Brian suggests that we continue to add to our resources, by asking others:


Garry Cooke – Navel Architect.
Garry is currently working on a project (with outside sources) for Keel drag etc. Diana Riley will ask Garry if he would be willing to be part of the TAC.

John Crawley – TORW District Chief
John has indicated he will be stepping down as District Chief but it is recognized that he would be a valuable asset to the TAC. He will be approached once he officially steps down.

8)  Next Meeting:

Zoom Conference – Aug 10, 7:00 pm (19:00)

3rd Saturday in November (or Zoom conference)
                        Tentatively Scheduled November 21, 2020, 9:00 am

9) Adjournment of Executive at 12:20 pm.