Exec & CC Zoom - COVID-19

Executive & Central Council Meeting

Monday, June 29, 2020

Zoom Video Conference



Larry Huibers (Pres), Bill Topping (V. Pres), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Fran Doyle (ROCH), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst)

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.
  2. Racing Support Letter – Larry Huibers

Larry Huibers had penned a letter intended to go out to our Handicappers. After great discussion, it was decided that our focus would better be served to address the continued lack of support by Ontario Sailing in recognizing that Sailing & Racing can be done safely and within COVID-19 guidelines and to get Sailboat Racing approved.

Larry, in co-ordination with Bill Topping & Alison Jones, assisted by Diana Riley, will prepare an email to be sent out to Ontario Sailing Executive Director, Glenn Lethbridge, with cc to Sail Canada and Ministry of Health.

The intent will be to request that recognition be given that Sailing & Racing can be considered COVID-19 safe activity.

The results of this attempt, will be sent out to all Certificate Holders via email.

Contacts will be sought to get this to the needed level of Government.

  1. Ontario Sailing Membership

Some concern was raised with the lack of support on the part of Ontario Sailing with regards to Sailboat Racing in Ontario during COVID-19. Other provinces are actively Racing as directed by their provincial authorities, but OSA appears to be focused on other types of Sailing.

Motion: Cease paying membership to Ontario Sailing and start supporting Sail Canada as our interests are best represented by an affiliation with a National Organization similar to our relationship with US Sailing.

M/S: Alison/Jamie. Carried. None opposed.

  1. Zoom COVID-19 seminar

    It was suggested that a seminar open to all Handicappers and Commodore of Sail be held to cover several subjects.
    Action: This has been postponed until after item 1) has information.
  2. Point 2 Point deferral suggestion.

Sue Sproule asked that the P2P offset, that is slated to be applied in 2021, be deferred until 2022 given that racing this year (COVID) will be limited and the new NFS-Delta values will not have been actively used until 2021.

Action: Further discussion on this matter will be done at a later meeting.

  1. Meeting Adjourned: 8:45 pm.