Executive Nov 2020

Executive Meeting

Zoom Video Conference

 Thursday, November 12, 2020


Attendees: Larry Huibers (Pres), Bill Topping (V.Pres), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief), Diana Riley (Exec.Asst)

1) Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm

2) Motion to accept Minutes from Aug 13 - Zoom. M/S Larry/Alison. Carried (poll unavailable)

3) Executive Slate Review for 2021

Assistant Chief-Non GTA: Jamie Dike will be resigning as Assistant Chief.
Action: Central Council will consider a nomination at their meeting on November 21

4) Annual General Meeting

a) Notice of AGM: Discussion regarding voting rights and the use of Proxies.

Discussion: While considering how to address the meeting via a Zoom environment, it became necessary to assess who can vote for a member and the overall use of Proxies and how they are stated in the Bylaws.

Member: Currently a “Member” is NOT the Handicapper representing the club. The “Member” needs to assign a designated voter.
Voting: There is only a single vote per “Member”.
Proxy: Bylaw states: There is a maximum of 2 proxies allowed per Member.
A “Proxy” could be used in two ways.
1. To assign the voting by a “Member” to someone who will represent them
2. To assign the voting by a “Member” to another “Members representative”

- Alison will review the Bylaws & Proxy use and suggest changes that will be proposed at the AGM.
- Notice of the AGM will be sent out to the Commodore to obtain the name of the “designated voter” for the meeting.

b) Meeting or Webinar: Discussion regarding holding this via Zoom Webinar – Alison Jones

Discussion: Given the current environment it is inevitable that no in person meetings will be held for some time. We currently have a Licensed Zoom account, but could add the use of Webinar to our account for $530 Cdn.
Action: Needs to be determine if it adds beneficial tools that would be useful for both the AGM & Spring Training.
Motion: Motion to approve the expense of $530 after full review by Alison. (poll unavailable)

Things to consider:

  • Polling & recording of voting at the AGM.
  • Designation of voting vs non-voting attendees
  • Pre-registration
  • Attendees vs presenters on screen for Spring Training
  • Attendees questions at Spring Training
  • Video recording of sessions
  • Live feeds to Facebook & YouTube

 5) Training and Education WORKSHOP– Bill Topping

a) AGM (Jan 16, 2021 - Zoom Meeting or Webinar) – Presentation of Changes for 2021 - Adam Farkas

b) Spring Training - 

March 28, 2021 - Zoom Meeting or Webinar
Much discussion surrounded how to present this, live or via recorded sessions. Generally it was agreed that they will look at possibly two separate session.
1. Review of the basics & upcoming changes – for novice handicappers and owners
2. Advanced review & instructions – for seasoned handicappers


  • Bill Topping will send out to a copy of his Powerpoint to everyone to review
  • Executive Members will review the PPT and submit to everyone suggested Chapters that should be included
  • Executive will consider suggested Chapters and how to present them.
  • Bill, in coordination with Jamie Dike, will look into the “Sail Measurement” Chapter as a possible video only session.

Future Spring Training:

2022 - SW (GHPRF/SSYRA) - Looking for Host Club!
2023 - EAST (EYC & ROCH) - Looking for Host Club
2024 - TOR (TORE OR TORW) - Looking for Host Club!

6) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Alison Jones & Diana Riley

a) 2020 Financial Review
PHRF-LO as a non-profit organization with no salaried employees has not qualified for any of the government financial subsidies. Year to date expenses have been significantly reduced (25%) from the budget approved at the 2020 AGM. Revenue in 2021 is estimated to be 70% of 2020 revenue and the proposed expense budget is similarly reduced. The reserve funds accumulated to date to meet a financial eventuality of this nature along with prudent fiscal austerity will enable PHRF-LO to weather this storm for several years. When handicap racing returns to previous levels, consideration will need to be given to rebuild the reserve funds. For appropriate cash flow management, the application of the 2020 deposits to the 2021 season is required.

b) Admin Remuneration – Considering the current financial situation, it was suggested to award a “Bonus” at the end of the year or into next year once it is determined what kind of funds may be available.

c) Project review

On-line certificates - Project update
Enhancements to the current OLC environment are ongoing.

Ecommerce: Diana & Ian have been working on setting up an e-commerce addition to the OLC system. This is in working toward the ability to make certificates available worldwide. Initial setup has been started, which we anticipate that we will have this available to Non-members to renew on-line in the spring.
Expense to date: Approx. $300

d) 2021 Budget Proposal – Alison Jones

  • Suggesting that Member Deposits made in 2020, be held for 2021. This was how we handled the High Water clubs in 2017/2018/
  • Suggesting no increase in Certificate Fees, based on acceptance of item 1) above by Members
  • Suggested looking into having certificate holders pay for their own certificates sometime in the future.

- Alison has a modification to the bylaws to allow for item 1) above. It will be presented to the Membership at the AGM.

- Alison will prepare an alternate budget for presentation if the Members do not vote in favor of item 1) above.

- Further discussion is required on moving toward “certificate holders paying”. Tabled for a later date.

            Noted: There is a “typo” in section 8.1.3 of the Bylaws that will be corrected. “Registration” should be “Resignation”.

7)  Member Review: See Member report under Documents

a) NEW – None
OOYC - Provisional member - rejoined in 2019 paying for 10 certificates in advance. Only had 7 certificates issued with no race results in 2019.


c) DROP – None

d) Member Review - COVID & Racing
- a general discussion regarding clubs and who was racing vs who did not even launch. How this impacted them and how they will view paying to continue membership with PHRF-LO.

Action: Alison asked to speak at the Central Council meeting to ask District Chiefs for input on what was happening at their clubs. Brian agreed.

8)     New Business:

  1. Ontario Sailing General Meeting: Larry Huibers will join the meeting. His focus will be to ensure that the OSA has a clear understanding of the disappointment felt around the lake by Adults Sailors. The inaction by them to address the adult sailing community and the effect of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by them without consultation or consideration from this group.
  2. Ontario Sailing Questionnaire: Alison will respond to the questionnaire based on the discussions as outlined above.

8)      Next Meeting:

ZOOM Practice Session: A date prior to the AGM will be set up to work out any issues ahead of the meeting.

Annual Meeting: 3rd Saturday in November
          Tentatively Scheduled November 20, 2021, 9:00 am

9)      Adjournment of Executive at 9:53 pm.