Nov 20, 2021 - Zoom

Executive Meeting
Zoom Video Conference
Saturday, November 20, 2021
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Larry Huibers – Pres, Bill Topping – V. Pres, Alison Jones – Sec/Tres, Brian Thomson – Chief H, Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief, Owen Schneider – Asst. Chief, Diana Riley – Exec Asst

1) Meeting was called to order at 8:55 am

2) Motion to accept minutes of Executive Nov 2020
     M/S Brian/Alison. Carried.

3) Executive Slate Review for 2022
          No resignations for 2022

4) AGM – January 22, 2022: Resume in person event or have Zoom webinar again.
        - Zoom vs In person – no change in attendance
        - Zoom served a different group (geographical)
        - Zoom saves money
        - Zoom can be recorded 
          Consensus seems to be towards Zoom.
          Motion for a Zoom meeting (following the same format as last year) for the AGM 2022. M/S: Larry/Bill. Carried.

5) Training and Education WORKSHOP– Bill Topping
        a) AGM 2022 - Zoom – Upcoming changes for the season.
        b) Spring Training - Scheduled date would be March 26, 2022
                Awards: Motion to move the Awards presentation to the 2023 Spring Training session. M/S Alison/Adam. Carried.
                Training: Motion to hold training via Zoom (to avoid restriction) followed by regional clustering sessions that include sailmakers to demonstrate how to measure a sail. M/S: Larry/Owen. Carried
                Action: Larry Huibers will draft a letter to be distributed to all lofts outlining intentions and expectations (free) and offer participation (with advertising) with small groups.
        Communications: Alison suggested more information needs to be sent out to certificate holders regarding the Club and lake analysis and awards. Etc.
                Action 1: Owen & Alison will come up with a communication process to assist handicappers to communicate with Certificate holders.
                Action 2: Communicate at the AGM that this will be covered at the Spring Training session and encourage attendees to attend the STS.
                Action 3: Include this as part of the Spring Training.
                Action 4: to include this as a target Agenda item for the next 5 years to keep working toward better communication to our Certificate holders.
         In Person Minimum Attendees: - Alison & Dianatabled until in person session is resumed.
         Consider setting a minimum number of attendees required or cancellation of event by a specified date.

6) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Alison Jones & Diana Riley
              a)     2021 Financial Review
              Alison is suggesting an increased in the certificate fee:

                     $44.25 (increase of $3.85) (without Race credit)
                     (With Race Credit = $39.25, plus HST if applicable)

              This increase will be reflected in 2022 deposit amount.
              Charged and collectable in 2023 and will cover:

- Increase in Salaries

                        - Increase for Next year's expenses for in person meetings

                        - Need for new Computer equipment

              b)      Promotion of events using our handicapping system
              Alison Jones feels that we should be able to re-instate the two awards in 2022.
                       - PHRF-LO Champman Season Championship
                       - PHRF-LO Chapman New Racer - Race Analysis Award

               c)      Admin Remuneration
                       Motion: Secretary-Treasurer proposed that contract labour hourly rates increase evenly over a 2/3 year period so they are aligned with market rates and asked for discretion regarding implementation in the best interests of the                                                 organization.
                                     M/S Alison, Larry carried
              d)      2022 Budget Proposal – Alison will produce an updated Budget Proposal for the AGM including the increases in income and spending.
              e)     Incorporating – Provincial vs Federal
                             Discussion centered around whether PHRF-LO should incorporate. Benefits, pitfalls, etc.
                                  - Proprietary information should be stated on our web site.
                                  - Is incorporating required for proprietary information or for Limited liablility?
                                  - Federal incorporation requires an office in Canada but would be required due to US arms of organization.
                                  Action: Other, more knowledgeable (lawyers etc) may be contacted to provide information.
               f)     Race Analysis – There is a significant enough data to produce a race analysis for 2021.
              g)     On-line certificate – currently testing for Calculating the ASP. Once this is working as needed, adding a new certificate will be forthcoming quickly.

7)  Member Review:
              a) NEWNone
              In 2020
              - OOYC - Oak Orchard Yacht Club - Provisional member - rejoined in 2019 paying for 10 certificates in advance. Only had 7 certificates issued with no race results in 2019 and 1 in 2020, 0 in 2021.
               - TYC - Trident Yacht Club - Provisional member - rejoined in 2021. No certificates issued.
               In 2021
               - NYCR - Newport Yacht Club of Rochester - new Provisional member. 3 Certificates issued.
              b) REINSTATE – None
               c) DROP – None
               d) Member Review - COVID & Racing – tabled.
               e) Member District allocation review – Tabled for 2022
8)     New Business:
              a) Access to the Handicappers Worksheet - based on OLC above
              b) BYLAW Changes:
                        - Need to set default Member voting delegate.
                            It was generally agreed that the Voting delegate for a Member, if not specifically identified, will default to the Main Handicapper.

                              Action: Will be added to the Bylaws for presentation at the 2022 AGM.

                        - Need to define maximum Handicappers based on number of certificates.

                             Action: Need for offline discussion - tabled

                       - Organizational Policies – deferred for further investigation

               c)   Succession planning – Alison: see 8 d)
               d)   Strategic Session should be set up to cover how the organization should continue into the future. Invite outside resources valuable in the area.
                     This can include Succession planning.
                             Action: Set up meeting of Executive with Expert and others.
                           Tentative: Beginning of Feb/2022
                           M/S: Larry/Bill. Carried.
9)      Next Meeting: 3rd Saturday in November
          Tentatively Scheduled November 19, 2022, 9:00 am
10)      Adjournment of Executive: 10:59 AM.