Executive Meeting Jan 2022

Executive Meeting

Zoom Video Conference

Wed, Jan 19, 2022

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Larry Huibers – Pres, Bill Topping – V. Pres, Alison Jones – Sec/Tres, Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief GTA, Owen Schneider – Asst. Chief XGTA, Diana Riley – Exec Asst

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 am

  2. Review of 2022 Annual General Meeting

    • There were some concerns regarding the re-write of the Class Rules being presented. Larry will have Central Council follow up on this and advise if there are things CC should be looking at.

    • Laptop expense shall be spread out over the next 3 years.

    • Suggested that we do a market survey of fees in the future.

    • Clarification of the sail measurement requirements should be sent out to all handicappers. Larry suggests that Bill Topping follow up on this. Adam suggests that we need to measure the largest and the smallest. All Asymmetrical spinnakers must be measured per 6.2 of the Handicappers Manual. To be moved to CC, via Brian Thomson to come up with suggestions.

  3. Review of Member Invoicing where there is a credit balance.

    Suggested that Alison and Larry will address these clubs.

  4. Sponsorship – Executive Project – to be brought forward later.

    Starting with GBSA Donation for 2022

  5. Propreitary Information – Alison will look into this.

  6. Marketing & Education

    • Larry will send out a bullet list of CY/Sail Canada publications

      Then also start sending to other publications

    • Recruitment – Blue Sky Sailing, APSC, Wiarton, NCYC etc possibly supply them with information to get certificates etc – for future

    • Current Handicapper template that can be used by them as a presentation to their members explaining Race Results, Handicapping Changes & the Awards

      • Maybe kept in separate sessions

      • Concerns that racers are not really invested unless there is a problem or they think their handicap is wrong or they were scored wrong.

      • This is suggested that it be a “Tool” for the Handicapper. A template that they can use. For 2023?

  1. Season Championship

    • Championship – Alison to make decision on events and how to score

    • New Racer – Owen & Alison will work out details on method – suggest we do a check to ensure these are new racers

  2. Spring Training - possibly split out into multiple short Zoom sessions, remembering to keep it simple.

    • Roll out Handicapper Presentation template?

    • Race results – supporting data formats

    • Race results – setting up and scoring

    • OLC details – renewals and changes

    • Handicappers Worksheet – initial Assignment process

    • Bill Topping - Set up a plan for the training seminar and submit topics that you would like to cover.

  3. Projects

    • Insert list of known projects

    • Inadequate power – change .67 to d.9 in manual

    • Owen suggested that the Exec have a copy of all the databases and details on how they connect.

    • Central Council should supply the Exec with expected timelines projects. Please review at next meeting. Treasurer will supply available funds/funding methods.

    • How do we determine what our priorities are and how do we get them done – resource availability, complexity.

  4. Strategy Plan

    • Larry knows people who could do this for free. He will ask them for resume and distribute to Exec. We will need several meetings in order to get this done. Please review by end of January and supply to Alison.

    • Consider a survey of certificate holders, handicappers, etc. to determine a direction for work and what is important to our stakeholders. Draft questions for discussion at CC/Exec. Meetings.

  5. Suggest Feb 2 for next meeting

  6. Adjournment of Executive: 8:25 pm