November 29, 2022 - Zoom

Executive Meeting

Zoom Video Conference

Saturday, November 29, 2022


Attendees: Larry Huibers – Pres, Alison Jones – Sec/Tres, Brian Thomson – Chief H, Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief, Owen Schneider – Asst. Chief, Diana Riley – Exec Asst
                  Sheena Tait – Admin Asst

1) Call to order - 9:09am

2) Acceptance of minutes – Executive Meeting Jan 2022 M/S: Adam/Owen

3) Presidents report - Larry Huibers
Slowly Making our way back to normal.
Participation is starting to pick up and people are saying they’re trying to get out more, than the past couple yrs.  Noticing a trend leaning in more numbers coming out for NFS sailing, compared to FS. Seeing this in many of the Clubs.

Topic for Conversation: What Role do we, PHRF-LO, play in promoting sailboat racing and increasing participation? We have a vested interest, as the more boats racing, the more certificates we issue, the more viable we can be and things we can do.
Is this our responsibility, is it Ontario Sailing’s, is it the individual Clubs? 

Ensuring we are reaching out to the people we need to get services too.

Thanked Diana & Sheena for all the work the Admin team has done for PHRF-LO

Make sure we are prepared to do stuff we need to do.  2023 is looking to be a better year, after the past 2 and getting back on track.

4) Training and Education – Larry Huibers

How do we make sure our Handicappers feel supported and engaged? 

How do we make sure we aren’t overwhelming them and putting them in ‘harms’ way?

Such as sailors coming at them to inquire about why ratings have changed or are what they are.

Answer: Training, Educating and hopefully recruiting more into these roles.

Hybrid model of meetings seems to be here to stay, and that will continue to help get information out to everyone.   Making sure our Education is compatible for delivering via all ways.

- Concerns over the noticed declining attendance over the years (not just the past couple) for the ‘In Person’, so looking at how we can get more coming out


Adam- those who attending IN Person Training, have a better idea and ask more questions at the AGM or in general, than those who may attend via ‘online’ attendance. 

Diana – noted that 2 people that attended the in person session at ‘Dalhousie’ came to her to inquire about how to become Handicappers, she noted how that never had happened before.

Suggestion: Adam suggested that Coaching/Mentoring by an experienced person with a newer person might be helpful.

Action: Table this at the AGM

Present a couple of ideas at the AGM to the Members on how to better present the Training

Ask for a list of Names & Area available at the AGM of who can be contacted to help out those interested in learning more about becoming a Handicapper

NOTE: If we choose to go with the larger training session that we define what the Minimum Number of Attendees need to be to hold it.

NOTE: It was suggested the Awards Presentation at the Spring Training Session
However currently the largest attendance has been at the AGM, so the Awards presentation will be held there again in 2023.

5) Central Council - Handicapping Report

           a) AGM (Jan 21, 2023) – Manual Changes for 2023 - Adam Farkas

               Adam & Owen Will have a list of Definitions to present at the AGM

           b) US Sailing report - Owen Schneider

               US Sailing PHRF group appears to be non-existent. 
               Owen has inquired with his contacts, but it appears there is nothing going on with them at this time.

               Alison – Defer this discussion to tomorrow’s Meeting.  Owen asked how much PHRF-LO pays to US Sailing for using the PHRF system, reply is $1200

            c) CC Project review - Brian Thomson

                 Projects are still underway - P2P (Long Distance), Free flying Genoa’s, Keel Project, Equipment Rules of Sailing Definitions, Props

                New: Reducing Carbon vs Aluminum mast credit credits.

                 FFG & P2P are the 2 Major projects. 


6) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Alison Jones & Diana Riley

          a)     2022 Financial Review

                  Alison: Noted that Clubs & Certificate holders, paying with Paypal, results in a loss of 4% of the payment to us.

                   Motion: To be brought forward for approval at the 2023 AGM, the introduction of a 4% Paypal users fee. Applicable for all payment transactions (Members & Certificate Holders) via PayPal.
                  M/S. Alison/ Owen

                  Alison: made a suggestion, that we ask for Handicappers to volunteer to Audit our Finances, from those names, one will be randomly drawn out of a Hat.

                  Owen: suggested he will ask Hugh Johnston, as he is a retired CA, to look over/audit (but not ‘Audit’) our Financial Report and give his findings to the Membership at the AGM

           b)     AGM Awards presentation- Alison Jones

                   PHRF-LO Chapman Season Championship
                   PHRF-LO Chapman New Racer - Race Analysis Award

           c)      Admin Remuneration

                    Hold Off until after the Strategy discussion at tomorrow’s meeting  

           d)      Administrative Project review

                    On-line certificates - Project update - Diana Riley

                    - Only Project going is the OLC.  
                    - Working on the focus of a Handicapper being able to create a New Certificate
                    - We had an issue with Window Updates and our programs, after a lot of effort, we have resolved the issue.
                    - Program will be updated from it’s current 2003 to the 2019 MS Access version.
                     -An OLC only program will help to streamline the Certificate process, eliminating the double handling of information by both the Handicapper & Admin, in creating a certificate

           e)      2023 Budget Proposal - Alison & Diana
                    Certificates fees to remain the same – All in Agreement

                    Motion: There will be final budget distributed for Approval 2 weeks before the AGM for the Executive to review and agree upon, then presented at the AGM. M/S: Alison/Brian

           F)  AGM Bylaw Changes

                No changes for 2023

6)  Member Review:

      Provisional Clubs: - NYCR, OOYC, TYC
     - NYCR & TYC have sent in races and issued Certificates

     District Alignment

  1. a) NEW – None
  2. b) REINSTATE – None
  3. c) DROP – None


7)     New Business:

  1. a) Executive Slate 2023 - There will be a call for Nominations from the floor at the AGM, should it be required.
  2. b) AGM: Toronto Boat Show, Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Saturday January 21st, 2023
  3. c) Strategy Session for PHRF-LO of the future (5 - 10 years) - Alison Jones & Brian Thomson – To be discussed at Strategy Meeting tomorrow.
  4. d) Review of ability to move to owner paid certificates: E-commerce, programming etc. To be discussed in greater depth at Strategy Meeting

8)      Next Meeting:

9)      Adjournment of Executive 10:45am