Exec November 2023

Executive Meeting

Zoom Video Conference & RHYC meeting

Executive Meeting

 November 25, 2023

Attendees: Larry Huibers (Pres), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief GTA), Owen Schneider (Asst. Chief Non-GTA), Diana Riley (Exec Assist)

1) Call to order 10:09

2) Motion to accept agenda: Agenda addition SSYRA

3) Motion to accept November meeting minutes.
    M/S Alison/Owen Carried.

4) President’s report - Larry Huibers
     Rob suggested that we go to attend District Meetings to support Handicappers and support measuring of sails.
     Adam would suggest this NOT override the central Training session.

Larry suggests that a review of the “Roles” in the Exec vs CC and make modifications as needed. Rob Lenters will be delegated this to get familiar with the rules.

Looking at inservice for roles and responsibilities of various people within phrf lo

Getting District reports for AGM

Overview of phrf lo process (Adam?)

Are there outliers to our process that need addressing

What is the process for alerts , is our process transparent repayable across the fleet and reliable?

5) Training and Education – Rob Lenters

a) At the AGM -
Include Race Analysis Alerts (handout)

b) At the Spring Training – Saturday, Mar 23rd – RHYC – Carried
Include Race Analysis Alerts review

6) Central Council - Handicapping Report

a) Manual Changes for 2024 - Adam Farkas – for presentation at AGM (Jan 20, 2024)

  • Point to Point Handicap
    Update has been done and will be implemented.
    Alison asked if the results would be looked at. Owen answered NO. We do not have the ability to do that at this point.
  • Graduated Centerline Credit
    Update has been done and will be implemented
  • Mast Change Adjustment – Do be done Jan 1st in DMS system

b) Manual Changes for 2025 - Adam Farkas & Owen Schneider – for presentation at AGM (Jan 20,2024)

  • NONE 

c) CC Project review - Adam Farkas, Owen Schneider, Diana Riley

  • Sail Area Adjustment review
  • Keels as Adjustments
  • Props as Adjustments
  • Race Analysis

d) Application Form update - to standardize Application -> OLC Worksheet -> DMS – Diana Riley

7) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Alison Jones & Diana Riley

a) 2023 Financial Review – Alison presented the Financial Review with comments:

 - Primary expense was for Contract & Admin work on OLC Worksheet.

- No desire to withdraw funds from GIC.

- Net loss around $12,000

b) Admin Remuneration - already set

c) Administrative Project review - Diana Riley

- On-line certificates - Certificate Worksheet – DONE ready for Jan 1st

- Upgrade to Access 2019 - for 2024 - Est. IT hours = 20, Admin = 20 (dr est)

- Point to Point Handicap on Certificate - for 2024 - Est. IT hours = 30, Admin = 10 (dr est)

- Graduated Centerline Credit - for 2024 - Est IT hours = 30, Admin = 10 (see estimate)

d) 2024 Budget Proposal – Alison will make proposal before end of year.
Suggesting a rate increase – Alison will put a proposal forth for the budget
Possible use of Sponsorship

8) AGM Bylaw Changes - None

9) Member Review:

a) Provisional Clubs: - OOYC - one year extension was given at the AGM to move membership status from Provisional to Member.
Otherwise, membership will be dropped.

OOYC - 4 Certificates, race results submitted

b) NEW – None


d) DROP – RCSC – Hank Stuart went to SBYC

e) Other: SSYRA – The District is not actively handling the PHRF-LO duties. Motion to Disband SSYRA and that OYC & WYRA be moved to RDPRF and NLSC, YYC & DYC be moved to GHPRF.
M/S Alison/Adam. Carried.
: To contact the District Chiefs to obtain agreement with the motion.

f) District Alignment:
Motion that the Georgian Bay clubs (CWYC, GRYC, MBSC, RBC, THYC) be moved to Toronto East. M/S Alison/Larry. Carried.

10) Other Business:

a) Executive Slate 2024 – All willing to stay on.

b) AGM: Set for Jan 20th at the Toronto Boat Show

c) Strategy Session for PHRF-LO of the future (5 - 10 years) - Alison Jones & Brian Thomson
Follow-up to be arranged after the AGM.

d) Chapman Championship Awards - presentation date and event - Diana Riley

Note: 2023 presentation started 10:20 am due to technical and room issues. AGM started 11:00 am and ended at 1:30 pm
- Significant set up time and organization is required. (1 hour)
- Extra seating needed if overlapped with AGM. Room is barely large enough for AGM.
- Boat show opens at 10:00 am.
- Presentation total time (2 hours)

The Awards will be after the AGM at 1:30. Room will be booked accordingly.

11) New Business


12) Next Meeting: 4th Saturday in November

13) Adjournment of Executive 12:15 pm