How to Join PHRF-LO

Thank you for your interest in joining Performance Handicap Racing Fleet - Lake Ontario (PHRF-LO).

We are always willing to accept new clubs to our organization and look forward to having you join in the future.


We are a non-profit group with sister organizations throughout North America. All our members are volunteers who work diligently to ensure fairness throughout the system. Elected members to the position of President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer, etc., as well as, the Chief Handicapper and the 6 District Chiefs direct us.

Once we receive your Membership Application your club will be accepted as a “Provisional Member” upon approval by our President and endorsement by the District with which you are assigned.



 Full Membership will be granted once the following requirements have been met:

  1. Endorsement by the District
  2. Race results have been submitted
  3. Approval by the Membership at the Annual Meeting.

            All Members can designate one (1) individual to represent them as the voting delegate at the Annual General Meeting. The default delegate will be the Main Handicapper (as listed on page 3) or any alternate person you indicated on the form.

An initial membership deposit fee of $404 (Canadian) is required.

This amount is equivalent to 10 certificates and shall be reconciled against the number of certificates billed at the end of the year. The balance (if any) shall be reconciled on the following years invoice.

Ref: Your Membership Invoice Explained

Certificates billed will be the actual number of certificates issued, plus any surcharge necessary to bill our minimum of 7 certificates annually.

Annual deposits are based on the previous year’s number of certificates billed.

Race Results Submission
We offer a $5/certificate credit for each certificate issued to your club on submission of your race results for analysis.


Full Membership provides up to 3 club-designated handicappers with, full web access. This includes access to our OLC system and other useful tools for processing certificates.

Provisional Members will need to work with the PHRF-LO Admin office to process all certificates.

Certificates must be renewed annually to be valid.

Our only source of income is from annual certificate fees and we rely on our members to support our ongoing success by adhering to the Bylaws as outlined below.

7.3.4  The MEMBER and their HANDICAPPER(s) will use their access to PHRF-LO’s proprietary information (a) for the specific purpose of issuing valid certificates for all participants in racing events.  Use of PHRF-LO’s proprietary data to provide a handicap rating without compensation to the ORGANIZATION is contrary to the mutual benefit of the ORGANIZATION.

Please return the application form and your deposit payment to the following address and upon approval you will be sent all the necessary information.

Mail/payable to:     PHRF-LO
                          P.O. Box 99024, Stoney Creek PO
                          Stoney Creek, On.   L8J 2P7

Etransfer:        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alison Jones
Sec/Tres PHRF-LO