Your Membership Invoice Explained

As a Member Club of PHRF-LO your annual Membership Invoice is sent out in February.

Members are billed annually based on the number of certificates issued the previous season.

Membership Summary for previous year

Previous Year Balance: A summary of the amount due and payment received on the last dues invoice. Balance due = Total Due - Payment Received.

An overview of the basis (# cert) of the deposit paid on the previous invoice and any applicable race credit. Total Deposit = Certificate Deposit - Race Credit Deposit Reduction

Actual Certificates:

Certificates Issued: At the end of the season, we calculate the "actual" amount based on the number of certificates issued over the season at the certificate fee.

Certificate Surcharge: If the count of certificates is less than 7, a certificate surcharge is included to bring the fee up to our minimum of 7 certificates at the certificate fee.

Race Credit: If races have been submitted, a race submission credit is applied based on the actual number of certificates issued.

HST: HST can only be charged on actual services/product. Therefore, it is added to the total for all certificates that are issued.

Balance Forward Total = Previous Year Balance + Total Deposit - Actual Certificate Total
      * This amount is due or refunded on withdrawal of membership (see terms)


Membership Deposit

To renew your membership with PHRF-LO for the current season, a membership deposit is required.

Certificates: A Deposit for the coming season is estimated based on the number of certificates issued (the previous season) at the current certificate fee. The minimum number is 7 certificates.

Race Credit: As of 2020, the race credit will not be assumed and applied the deposit.
Once the club has submitted Race Results for the season, a Race Results credit will be applied to the "Actual Certificates" Subtotal due (see above).
This will probably result in a credit "Balance Forward" (see above).

Invoice Summary


Balance Forward: As taken from the Membership Summary for previous year above.

Membership Deposit: The total of the "Membership Deposit" for the CURRENT season above.

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:  Membership Summary for previous year + Membership Deposit.

Terms: Due upon receipt

Payment can be made by:-

1. Interac E-Transfer addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Cheque, bank draft or money order in CAN$ payable to PHRF-LO mailed to:


PO Box 80023

Etobicoke RPO Lake Shore VLG

ON Canada M8V 4A1

Note: Any discrepancies must be reviewed by the PHRF-LO office prior to payment submittal.