Mainsail Limit Formulas - 2014

Ready for the 2014 season!

John Crawley raised an issue that is occurring for boats with oversized mainsails.

The formula we are currently using is outdated and most sail makers & other handicapping systems have moved on.

On April 14, 2013, John Crawley presented the formula that is currently being used and Central Council voted in favour of                                                                                                                                     adopting the new formula for calculating the Main Girth Middle and Main Girth Upper.

Current Formulas:                                              New Formulas:
MGML = (0.5 * E) + (0.022 * P) +1.2ft               MGML: (0.65 * E)
MGUL = (0.28 * E) + (0.016 * P) + 0.85ft          MGUL: (0.38 * E)

Unfortunately, the new formulas do not include a Headboard maximum, but rather a 7/8th measurement which we currently do not collect.                                                                                                        Further review will be needed to address "Square Top Mains".

In the meantime is was recognized that "Square Top Mains" are being over penalized by our current adjustment formulas.                                                                                                                               Therefore, Central Council approved the following:

Fat Head Mains (Square Top Mains)
Motion for 2013, that all boats with a square top main (HB > HBL, and/or batten(s) that support the outer corner of HB) must be measured                                                                                                         and reported and will be assessed a 6 sec penalty in place of the current PHRF-LO formula for mainsail penalties.