NFS-Delta 2020

Revised NFS Delta for 2020 will use the Jim Teeters Windward Leeward 8 Co-effecients.

As presented at the Annual General Meeting, continued work has been done on the NFS-Delta resulting in a change for 2020.

Presented as:

5.1 New Business

Handicapping Changes for 2020

  1. NFS-Delta - Jamie Dike
  • In 2012 PHRF-LO introduced a new NFS offset
    • Work done by Jim Teeters / US Sailing
      • Coefficients that use: Sail Area / Displacement, Displacement / Length ratios
    • A General Purpose Handicap was applied fleet wide
  • After five years of data it was clear a review was required
    • Proposed the use WL10 (windward/leeward course at 10 knots)
    • This was rejected by handicappers for the “odd” results it created & was dropped pending further study
  • Proposal – Use WL8
    • Wind study provided the basis using 8 knots of windspeed
    • Applied sailing displacement as part of calculation

Improved sail area data has refined results as well

Preliminary Draft for review at: Revised: Feb 25th

Highlighted classes will be reviewed by Central Council. Your input is appreciated.