Point to Point Handicap Project 2020

In an effort to address a request by members, a considerable amount of time has been spent on looking at and considering various options for establishing a Point to Point (PtoP) handicap for PHRF-LO certificate holders. This included looking at what other regions were doing, ORC handicaps and VPP’s.

While working on the NFS-Delta, it was recognized that we may have this information readily available via the information supplied by Jim Teeter (US Sailing) and his coefficients for WL8 vs GPH.

However, some classes had calculations that were excessive, in particular, Sport Boats. It was identified that the Teeters formula did not account for “Sailing weight” for these light displacement boats and a “Crew weight” table was added and helped smooth out the numbers.

Extensive race analysis has been done and the results are more compressed and the numbers, in general, do not affect placement.

Question from floor:
Why bother with this if it is not going to affect the placements.

There are two reasons:
1. This makes it fairer for small fleets with larger rating bands be more competitive.
2. When the corrected times are more compressed, it motivates people to be more competitive.

To change the Handicappers Manual to allow a Point to Point handicap/delta for 2021.
M/S: Jamie/Scott Lyons. Carried.


Numbers will be released later this spring and it is recommended that Handicappers review them and apply them this year to see how they work.