Wind Study on Lake Ontario

A PDF of the “initial” study. 

By Owen Schneider, TORE District Chief

This is the presentation given to Central Council in 2018 and discussed at the 2019 AGM to determine which wind speed is best to use for our NFS delta project, 8 or 10 knots, and was solely designed for that purpose. 

The presentation outlines the methods and sources used as well as the simple derating equation used to get mast height wind speeds/energy.  8 knots of wind was agreed upon by Central Council.

Pages 9 & 12 help explain the issue of using ratings from other PHRF areas and why the specific conditions around PHRF-LO districts need to be considered by handicappers.  Additionally, this also helps explain why a National rating (NRR) or other single digit rating system (IRC) may not be suitable for direct converted use on Lake Ontario. Further races in early Spring (May) or Fall (September, October) may see different outcomes than those in peak sailing season (June – August).

If you have questions on this study or wish to provide feedback please do let me know via PHRF-LO.

Owen Schneider