Keel Adjustment Project

One of two projects that have been on the spotlight by Central Council is the Keels adjustments.

Adam Farkas (Assistant Chief Handicapper), in conjunction with, Garry Cooke (Technical Advisory Committee) took a deep look into the differing types of keels and the affect on speed potential.

Details included identifying our current list of keels and updating it to reflect the current reality of the keels being produced and creating a cross matched list that can be used when setting new handicaps.

The Rules for these are as follows:

1. Currently handicapped "Classes" will not be reviewed and updated. The process would be extensive and costly.

2. All "New Classes" will use the new keel designation and suggested handicap adjustment.

3. Handicap reviews will include a review of the keel and an update to reflect the new keel designation. This includes current and new handicaps for versions of a class that is already rated.

In Depth Details for keels:

1. All class keel types will be designated a code.

2. Sketches of the different types of keels will be used to help identify which code (1) to use.

3. All class naming conventions (for publishing reasons) will include a revised standard of Type & Attribute.

Details of these are included in the Handicappers Manual Part II, pages 17 to 19