NFS-Delta - 2012

Ready for the 2012 season!

Will be a calculated delta for the No Flying Sails (NFS) base handicap.

About 10 years ago, the Speed Potential (handicap) for No Flying Sail (NFS) boats was decoupled from that of the Flying Sail (FS) handicap. This increased the work-load of Central Council and has also resulted in a tendency for the two handicaps to move together.

The current project is aimed at fixing many of the issues in the NFS handicaps and to rationalize the difference between the FS and NFS handicaps (Delta).

This new Delta is solely based upon Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) analysis of optimum boat performance both with and without flying sails. In other words, a boat’s best performance downwind with a spinnaker compared to its best performance with only genoa and mainsail.

A copy of the original draft document is available here.

A copy of the Regression Fit Graphs is available here.