Appeal - Dispute Guidlines

PHRF-LO Handicap Dispute Guidelines

December 11, 2012

Outside of a formal appeal, many handicappers are faced with unhappy owners who feel that their handicap or the handicap of a competitor is incorrect.

When addressing such situations it is always the role of a PHRF-LO representative to remain objective and polite, regardless of how the concerns are being conveyed.

Responses should be:

  1. Professional
  2. Respectful
  3. Polite

Concerns should be:

  1. Reviewed with owner
  2. Discussed with other handicappers or regions
  3. Moved to a higher authority when a conflict of interest is present
  4. Moved to formal appeal if owner is still unhappy

Some things to consider:

  1. Check to ensure that the “class” is correctly represented on the certificate.
    Too often we discover later than sooner that the actual “class” of boat is incorrect. Common errors are with the “prop” or “keel” of the class that is rated which can change a handicap by 6 to 9 sec/nm
  2. Check to ensure that the “class specifications” are correctly listed in our SP List
    Errors in Rig height or displacement may affect how a handicap was rated.
  3. Review all the concerns to decide if there is reason to bring this to your District for review.
    If you think that there is a error, bring it to your next district meeting so get other opinions or post it on your District forum board for others to review.
  4. When things get heated it is best to have a 3rd party involved and remove yourself from the issue.

Forum responses:

It was noted that the above also applies to any concerns voiced on our forum.
In addition, if after the 3rd response the “poster” is still unhappy, then the following statement should be posted:

“We are sorry you are still unhappy with our responses to your concerns. PHRF-LO makes every attempt to be fair and at this time would like to recommend that you file a “formal” appeal.
Directions for filing are available from our web site at:
Appeal link
Or select “Information”, “Appeals Procedures” from our “Main menu”.

Thank you….

NOTE: It is in the best interest of everyone that all “Disputes” are documented. Including the Date and names of the parties involved. This will be of great assistance when others are brought into the situation.