2nd Level Review

2nd Level Review - District

The DISTRICT representing the CERTIFICATE HOLDER shall be the second review of the appeal.

The DISTRICT Council shall provide the appellant with a written response to his/her appeal, within (30) days of the DISTRICT hearing the appeal.

The appeal will be reviewed with the following proviso:

  • The appeal must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the next DISTRICT Meeting to allow for proper distribution.
  • The Original Appeal and supporting documentation must be submitted to the DISTRICT Chief for distribution.
  • The appeal must be accompanied by the written statement from the local HANDICAPPER(s).
  • When the DISTRICT Council hears the appeal, the local HANDICAPPER(s) concerned shall not vote.

2nd Level Review Actions

  1. The DISTRICT will review the appeal and note all discussions, motions and/or actions in the minutes to their DISTRICT meeting.
  2. The CERTIFICATE HOLDER may, if dissatisfied with the decision of the DISTRICT, may appeal that decision to CENTRAL COUNCIL

Updated Jan 2017