Rules and Guidlines

Rules and Guidlines
As stated in the Bylaws Section of the PHRF-LO Handicappers Manual



Appeals will be heard on the basis of received race results. No appeal will be heard from any Member Club that has been delinquent in sending results for presentation at the AGM, for both of the previous 2 racing seasons prior to an appeal being presented to the CENTRAL COUNCIL.

Exceptions and conditions:

  1. Such appeals will be held over until their clubs race results can be presented at an Annual General Meeting.
  2. The CENTRAL COUNCIL of HANDICAPPERs may vote to accept/review an appeal from a Member Club with an inactive racing program.
  3. In cases where there is an absence of race results due to an inactive racing program at the individual’s Member Club, an appeal may be considered given the CERTIFICATE HOLDER can supply:

● Information showing other results from around the Lake that have been included in the race analysis presented at the AGM.
● A written statement from the Member Club’s Board of Directors or an Executive Member of the Member Club, describing their present racing program.

Any handicap change based on a successful appeal at the CENTRAL COUNCIL will remain in effect until the next CENTRAL COUNCIL meeting held in conjunction with the AGM.

Exception to above:

If the appeal was against another class of yacht and in review, had merit, sailors with the affected class of yacht may launch an appeal if they are unhappy with the revised handicap. (i.e.: allow CERTIFICATE HOLDERs of the affected class an opportunity to respond/defend their current handicap)

No Response to 1st or 2nd Level Review

In the event that the appellant is unable to obtain a response from either the Club HANDICAPPER or DISTRICT Chief, the appeal may be forwarded to the Assistant Chief HANDICAPPER for that “DISTRICT Area” who shall contact either the “Member Club” or “DISTRICT” to rectify the situation and shall respond and/or direct the appellant.

Updated Jan 2017