How Ratings are reviewed


In all cases, a significant amount of time and effort is put into the decision process. Many resources are used including:\

  1. Review of comparable classes within PHRF-LO
  2. Review of handicaps in other PHRF regions in North America
  3. The use of Velocity Prediction Formulas, such as Charlie Kramers SP or Steve Killings SP
  4. Input from local Handicappers and District Chief Handicappers
  5. Review of skill level and preparation of boat(s) being raced
  6. Review of our most current Analysis of Race Results........

When looking at our Race Analysis Results, many factors are considered like:

  1. Has the handicap been changed in recent years?
  2. Is there an indication that the current years analysis is reflecting a trend toward change?
  3. How are other similar designs performing?
  4. Are there individual boat results that are adversely affecting the overal analysis?
  5. What is the level of competition within the fleets being looked at?

These are but a few questions that are asked when looking at each and every Class of Yacht that is up for review.